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Last updated on September 26th, 2023

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If you are a Super Visa applicant, IEC / Working Holiday participant or a Visitor to Canada such as New immigrant, Foreign Worker, Tourist or an International Student, you may be wondering how the Canadian healthcare system works as well as what are the costs for medical attention in case you ever need it while staying in Canada.

It is important to say that not every single newcomer to Canada is eligible for the Government Health Insurance Plan. So, if you do not qualify for such, you can still protect yourself with a medical emergency insurance policy from a private Canadian Insurance company.

To get you started with learning about the available health insurance options, we’ve put together a comparison among all insurance companies in terms of affordability, reliability and benefits offered with a single policy.


Most Affordable Visitors Insurance Plans


If you are looking for a basic insurance coverage that only includes the most important aspects in terms of medical care, the plans below would do the trick. Most of them are smaller companies with small companies’ appeal- lower prices and exceptional attention to customers. All of them cover medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation with total coverage of $100,000 or more.

INGLE Assurance and Travelance: Essential Plan are the most suitable for healthy individuals with no medical issues. They offer flexible deductible options and coverage up to $200,000.

GMS and Travelance: Premier Plan are the most affordable medical insurance plans, when it comes to coverage of stable pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high/low blood pressure, etc.


Super Visa: Monthly Payment Plan


Available since 2013, 21 Century: Monthly Payment Plan proved to be extremely popular with the Super Visa applicants. This is currently the only plan that allows for monthly payments, offering $100,000 total coverage and a great set of benefits perfectly suited to visitors. Instead of having to pay a lump sum of several thousand dollars you can make payments as low as $80 per month.

To learn more about the coverage and the price for Monthly Super Visa Insurance Plan follow the link below:

21 Century: Monthly Payment Insurance Plan for Super Visa


Best Value Insurance Plans


Best Value Insurance Plans offered by bigger and well known Canadian Insurance companies. The leaders among them are Manulife and TIC.

Manulife is tried and tested and is currently the largest insurance company in Canada.

Also, along with great health benefits and moderate price range for its plans, Manulife offers a supplementary Pregnancy Complications Insurance that covers Visitors to Canada, who are already pregnant. However, pregnancy insurance is only available up to the 31st week of pregnancy period and includes the following coverage:

– Premature Birth
– Abdominal Pain
– Miscarriage
– Bleedings

Unfortunately, neither delivery nor routine pre-natal care are covered under Manulife’s insurance plans.

For more information on pregnancy insurance for visitors to Canada, please refer to the following link – Pregnancy Insurance for Visitors to Canada


Premium Insurance Plans


TuGo has recently come up with new Visitors to Canada policy called Platinum Plan. 

TuGo, formerly known as Travel Underwriters, is among a few Canadian insurance companies that cover you on the way to Canada up to 7 days each way. With a maximum coverage of $300,000 and some of the best benefit packages you will have a peace of mind knowing you are safe from unforeseen emergency circumstances.

Another awesome feature TuGo has is Pregnancy Insurance coverage for Non-Pregnant Visitors to Canada. It is a supplementary coverage to their visitors to Canada insurance plan that covers the following pregnancy related procedures:

– Delivery
– Pregnancy Complications
– Prenatal Care
– Other eligible costs

Note that in order to be found eligible for TU: Platinum Plan pregnancy insurance, you must NOT fall pregnant before the effective date on your policy commences. More importantly, the coverage is provided ONLY for the last 9 weeks of your pregnancy period including delivery.
For more information regarding Pregnancy Insurance from TuGo follow the given link – Pregnancy Coverage


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