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Who we are
We, Arbetov Insurance and Wealth Management Inc., are an independent Canadian Insurance Agency, who are committed to upholding the highest standards of the medical and travel insurance industries and to provide our clients and customers with an outstanding service respecting their privacy and freedom of choice.

In addition, we have grown to become an MGA (Manager General Agent) with several major Canadian insurance providers including the 21 Century Travel Insurance, Allianz, The Destination Travel Group, GMS, Ingle Assurance, Manulife Financial, Travelance, TuGo as well as we have an affinity elite consistent qualifier award from the Manulife Financial and Top Producer recognition with most of this insurance providers.


How you will Benefit
from our Affiliated Program
We are aimed to improve business-customer relationships within the medical and travel insurance industries and to help you as our partner gain valuable knowledge and experience needed for a successful career of an Insurance Agent.

  • Regular training programs and seminars from the giants of the Canadian insurance industry.
  • Constant support with an up-to-date information from our Insurance Advisors.
  • Inside knowledge on how to build a successful multi-level service network.
  • Access to other opportunities and markets for your business with our experience.
As a rapidly developing Insurance Agency, we want you to share our vision and make a step towards
a brighter financial future for your business, clients and the industry.

  • Get your customers covered, where you cannot reach them, through our Canada-wide
    and international networks.
  • Operate a wider range of travel and medical insurance products for your clients and customers.
  • Engage your international customers in our multi-lingual business community as our services
    are available in English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Mandarin and Cantonese languages.
  • Join us and get to work with the most reputable Canadian insurance companies on special terms.
Level Up
You don’t work for us, you work with us. In addition to growing your business network as an Insurance Agent in a field of your expertise, we will provide you with a simple and convenient way to keep your clients happy at all times.

  • Receive highly competitive commission rates and bonuses from sales.
  • Participate in and benefit from our multi-agent referral program throughout Canada.
  • Get unlimited access to our high-end software solutions for your business and customers.
  • You may order a custom IT tool set and/or a whole sales-platform and enjoy the ease
    of online services through a personal website.

Finally, as an individual insurance agent you may not be operating all across Canada. Yet, being our partner gives you a great opportunity to get a referral for your clients in other provinces, where you are not currently licensed to provide insurance services.

Join our Partnership Program and get ready for a change you’ve been waiting for!
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