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The International Experience Canada (IEC / Work Visa Canada / Working Holiday) program is an incredible opportunity to travel and work for young adults from certain countries, who are between the ages of 18 and 35.

If you are an IEC participant, you have the unique opportunity of exploring this beautiful country, its nature, its culture and its people, who have come here from all over the world!

IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance: What is it?

You may already know that IEC / Working Holiday Visa Travel Insurance is an essential requirement to visit Canada under the International Experience Canada Program.

This is why Canadian IEC travel insurance or, as it is commonly referred to, Visitors to Canada Insurance, is designed to cover the costs of immediate medical assistance; this includes hospital accommodation, emergency health care, as well as repatriation and so forth, all while you are away from home.


IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance: Requirements

The International Experience Canada program requires its participants to have proof of their IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance in order to ensure their financial safety from unforeseen medical emergencies that may happen during the trip.

IEC / Working Holiday travel insurance MUST:

– Be valid for the whole duration of your intended stay
– Cover medical care, hospitalization and repatriation
– Be valid for each entry to Canada
– Be available for review by a POE officer at the Canadian border

Important Notice: You may be denied entry or limited with regards to the duration of allowed stay in Canada, if you do not have proper IEC travel insurance coverage. As a part of IEC program, you are required to obtain medical insurance in order to get a Canadian work visa at the border. It is highly recommended to purchase your IEC work visa insurance before you arrive in Canada.


IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance: 2 Year Coverage

International Experience Canada participants have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy staying in Canada for up 2 years without renewing their status.

Insurance coverage for the 2-year Canadian IEC Work Visa consists of 2 policies for 365 days of consecutive coverage each, which gives you a greater flexibility with your insurance in case your travel plans change!

Find out more about the 2 year insurance package using the button below and take advantage of our IEC / Working Holiday Insurance Calculator to browse your options and get a free quote today!

Learn more about 2 year coverage

Calculate a Quote: Use our free online IEC / Working Visa health insurance Canada calculator to get a list of all your available options from the Canadian insurance companies we work with. After you have entered your information in the fields provided in our IEC / Working Holiday travel insurance Canada calculator, you will get a full list of plans with different deductible options.

– Note that the Deductible/Excess is the amount of money that you pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company covers the rest, in case of a claim. It is best to keep the deductible low, not exceeding $1,000.

You can use the Bank of Canada currency converter to determine the IEC insurance price in your local currency.
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Choose a Plan: Choose an IEC travel insurance quote that you like from the list provided and click on the “Plan Details” button on the right. You will be re-directed to the insurance plan’s page on our website, so that you can review the insurance coverage offered.

Review the Coverage: On that page, you will see details regarding the IEC travel insurance plan of your choice. Please note that the plan details that are presented on that page are only a summary. Therefore, you should refer to the official Policy Wording of a particular insurance plan of interest which can be found on the same page. In order to proceed with purchasing your insurance for your Working Visa in Canada, just click on the “Buy Insurance” or “Buy Online” button.

Application Process: Complete an application for an IEC / Working Holiday Visa insurance Canada plan of your interest and review it. Furthermore, you will be asked to use a credit card to make your purchase. Once your payment is accepted,  proof of your IEC/Working Holiday travel insurance will be sent by email.
In case you have any questions, one of our Insurance Advisors will be happy to assist you.

Each Working Holiday travel insurance plan has its unique features. However, we have come up with a summary of health benefits that are provided by all the plans we have to offer.

Please note that a Medical Examination is not required for any Visitors to Canada health insurance, including IEC / Working Holiday health insurance Canada emergency coverage.

All of the plans we offer include:

– Medical Care
– Hospitalization
– Repatriation
– Ground and Air Ambulance
– Emergency Dental Repair
– Dental Pain Relief
– Non-competitive Sports Injuries
– Prescription Medication
– Laboratory Diagnostics
– Accidental Death & Dismemberment
– Services of a Medical Specialist i.e. chiropractor, surgeon, etc.
– Follow up Treatment
– Services of a Registered Nurse
– Burial / Cremation
– Rental or Purchase of Medical Appliances


Other Benefits of the Canadian Working Visa Insurance:

Why should you choose to protect your money against the high costs of medical emergency treatment with a Canadian IEC travel insurance plan? Because it is much more convenient, faster and could even be cheaper than its foreign analogues.

Here are some further advantages of Canadian Working Visa Insurance:

Convenience: It is easier to make a claim and receive your money back.
Maternity Benefits: You have the option to get IEC travel insurance with pregnancy insurance coverage benefits.
Sports Coverage: There is no need to buy any additional coverage as sports and occupational injuries are already insured.
Direct Billing: Canadian Insurance providers deal directly with the facility you have received medical assistance at.
Local Branches: With a Canadian insurance company, you have access to its local branches and don’t have to deal with companies overseas anymore.

International trips to other countries are also covered with your IEC / Work Visa insurance as long as you are not visiting your home country, nor any other one where you are eligible for government medical care. In order to be eligible for this benefit, you MUST remain in Canada for a certain amount of time depending on the plan you choose.

For a complete set of medical benefits provided by IEC / Working Holiday health insurance, please take a look at the Policy Wording of your selected plan.

A: Young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who have applied for the IEC / Working Holiday program have to purchase travel emergency insurance before coming to Canada, as a POE officer may request proof of your medical coverage.
If you are uninsured, you may be denied entry to Canada until you purchase an International Experience Canada travel/working insurance policy. Moreover, if you decide to skip out on purchasing appropriate coverage, you are potentially exposing yourself to a great risk as medical costs in Canada can easily run up to several thousands of dollars just for a single day in the hospital.
A: Yes. Each IEC / Working Holiday insurance plan we offer provides the required coverage for hospitalization, medical care and repatriation as well as much more!
A: Absolutely. With a health insurance policy from a Canadian provider it is much easier to file a claim, receive comprehensive sports coverage, as well as have direct billing. With this you do not have to pay for medical assistance yourself and get reimbursed later; rather, there are local branches of the company where you can meet a representative.
A: No, that is why it is very important that IEC visitors purchase appropriate travel insurance for the duration of their stay in Canada. Moreover, IEC / Working Holiday participants who are about to get their Canadian Work Visa, are not covered by government health insurance plans. This is why, it is a key requirement to purchase travel insurance for a Working Visa in Canada for the whole duration of your stay in Canada.
However, IEC / Working Holiday participants can become eligible for provincial healthcare if he/she is employed. Please note that eligibility requirements vary depending on the Health Ministry within the Canadian province or territory of your temporary stay.
A: When shopping for health insurance for Working Holiday Visa Canada, you should include a Canadian street address in the application. If you do not have one, you may enter the address of a hostel or a friend/family member you are going to stay with.
In case you have not yet decided where to stay, just contact one of our insurance advisors and we will work something out.
A: Yes, it is a requirement to be covered for the whole duration of your intended stay in Canada.
A: Yes, all Canada Working Holiday Visa medical insurance plans that we offer cover occupational and sports injuries including winter ones such as ski and snowboard, etc. as long as it is not competitive. Please note that high-risk recreational activities such as scuba diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, etc. are not covered.
A: Yes, you will be covered by this policy anywhere around the globe as long as you are not in your home country or any other country or territory, where you may be eligible for a government healthcare plan.
In order to maintain this benefit, you must remain in Canada for a little over 50% or 75% of the policy period, depending on your chosen insurance policy.

If you were unable to find what you were looking for, please take a look at our General FAQ for more information, or talk to our advisors who would be happy to assist you.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program was exclusively designed for young adults, who want to explore a foreign country while gaining international working experience for a period of up to 2 years.

IEC visa holders have a great choice of program options in and out of Canada that vary depending on the country of the participant’s citizenship.

– Working Holiday:
The Working Holiday program is a great opportunity to earn some money and cover your personal expenses for your trip, accommodation as well as other costs, while staying in Canada.

– Young Professionals:
With a Young Professionals visa, you can expand your career opportunities by gaining professional work experience that is internationally recognized, while at the same time, enjoy living in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

– International Co-op Internship:
As a post-secondary institution student, an International Co-op Internship will be a great addition to your CV as well as a unique opportunity to gain real work experience related to your field of study.

Participating Countries and Regions

Country Age Limit Working
Australia 18-30 Yes Yes Yes
Austria 18-30 No Yes Yes
Belgium 18-30 Yes No No
Chile 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Costa Rica 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Croatia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Czech Republic 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Denmark 18-35 Yes No No
Estonia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
France 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Germany 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Greece 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Hong Kong 18-30 Yes No No
Ireland 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Italy 18-35 Yes No No
Japan 18-30 Yes No No
Korea, Rep. 18-30 Yes No No
Latvia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Lithuania 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Mexico 18-29 Yes Yes Yes
Netherlands 18-30 Yes Yes No
New Zealand 18-35 Yes No No
Norway 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Poland 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Slovakia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Slovenia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Spain 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Sweden 18-30 Yes Yes Yes
Switzerland 18-35 No Yes Yes
Taiwan 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Ukraine 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
United Kingdom 18-30 Yes No No

For a complete set of details on how to apply for IEC Work Visa Canada, please visit the official IEC website – International Experience Canada

Once you have determined your eligibility and chosen an IEC program you like, you can get started on the application process. Please note that IEC Working Holiday / Young Professionals / International Co-op Internship applicants are required to have proof of adequate IEC travel insurance for the whole duration of their intended stay in Canada.

In order to apply for an International Experience Canada (IEC) program you will need to do the following:

– IEC Application: Step 1
Apply for IEC online to receive a Conditional Acceptance Letter (CAL):

> Prepare the Documents to be uploaded.
> Fill out the form, pay the required fees and submit your IEC application.

Important Notice: Young Professionals and International Co-op Internship applicants have to contact their employer in Canada and send their Employment Offer to CIC as well as pay a $230 fee prior to Step 2.

If your IEC application is approved, you will receive a Conditional Acceptance Letter (CAL); if not, you will receive a Letter of Explanation with the reasoning behind your application refusal.

– IEC Application: Step 2
Once your IEC application has been approved and your CAL is issued, apply online for a Work Permit.

> Create a MyCIC account.
> Fill out and submit your Work Permit Application through MyCIC.

Important Notice: You may also need to submit a Police Certificate along with your application package for a Work Permit. If this is required, to have it ready on time, request this certificate while you are on the waiting list for a quota or have just received a Notice of Receipt.

If you are looking for a third-party to help you with applying for an International Experience Canada program, take a look at the official guide to Recognized Organizations.

Once you have completed and submitted your IEC and Work Permit applications, there are still a couple of things to keep in mind.

> Check the IEC applications Processing Times.

Note that it is strongly recommended to wait for the POE Letter of Introduction, before you:

– Purchase your IEC travel insurance policy.
– Purchase a plane ticket to Canada.
– Book/rent a place to live in Canada.
– Make time arrangements with an employer in Canada.

Upon your arrival in Canada as an International Experience Canada (IEC) participant, you are expected to provide proof of sufficient funds and IEC health insurance that must be valid for the entire trip, and have these documents ready for the CBSA Officer at the border.

If you fail to show proof of adequate IEC health insurance coverage, you may be refused entry to Canada. Moreover, if you are travelling to Canada with $10,000 CAD or more, you must inform the CBSA Officer as it is required by law.

Once you show the required documents to a POE Officer and your entry is approved, your IEC visa will be stamped to your passport and you can start discovering Canada straight away!

View the official list of International Experience Canada questions – IEC FAQ