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We offer IEC travel insurance for all IEC and Working Holiday program participants,
who are visiting Canada to work and travel for up to 2 years. Choose the plan that suits your needs
at the price you are comfortable with!
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IEC/Working Holiday Travel Insurance:
International Experience Canada (IEC / Work Visa Canada / Working Holiday) program is an incredible opportunity to travel and work for young adults from certain countries, who are between 18 and 35.

If you are an IEC participant, you have a unique chance to explore this beautiful country, its nature, its culture and its people, who have come here from all over the planet!

What is IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance?

You may already know that IEC / Working Holiday Visa Travel Insurance is an essential requirement to visit Canada under the International Experience Canada Program.

That is why, the Canadian IEC travel insurance or, as it is commonly labeled, Visitors to Canada Insurance, was designed to cover the costs for an immediate medical assistance including hospital accommodation, emergency health care as well as repatriation among other benefits, while you are away from home.

What are IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance Requirements?

International Experience Canada program requires its participants to have a proof of IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance in order to ensure their financial safety from unforeseen medical emergencies that may happen during the trip.

IEC / Working Holiday travel insurance MUST:

– Be valid for the whole duration of your intended stay
– Cover medical care, hospitalization and repatriation
– Be valid for each entry to Canada
– Be available for review by a POE officer at the Canadian border

Important Notice: You may be denied entry to Canada or limited with regards to the duration of allowed stay, if you do not have a proper IEC travel insurance coverage as you are required to have one in order to get a Canadian work visa at the border. Not having IEC work visa insurance is not a way to save money.
IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance: 2 Year Coverage

International Experience Canada participants have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy staying in Canada for up 2 years without renewing the status.

Insurance coverage for the 2-year Canadian IEC Work Visa consists of 2 policies for 365 days of consecutive coverage each, which gives you a greater flexibility with your insurance in case your travel plans change!

Find out more about 2 years insurance package using the button below as well as take advantage of our IEC / Working Holiday Insurance Calculator to browse your options and get a free quote today!

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Why should you choose to protect your money against the cost of medical emergency treatment with a Canadian IEC travel insurance plan? Because it much more convenient, faster and could even be cheaper than its foreign analogues.

Convenience: It is easier to make a claim and receive your money back when you are covered with a Canadian insurance provider.
Sports Coverage: There is no need to buy any additional coverage as recreational sports coverage is already insured.
Direct Billing: Canadian Insurance providers deal directly with a facility you have received medical assistance at.
Locally Based Companies: With a Canadian insurance policy, you don’t have to deal with providers overseas at all.