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Group Insurance Benefits:
Group insurance is a supplementary medical plan that covers dental and extended health services including prescription medications and physical therapy that are largely excluded from provincial insurance plans in Canada.

Standard plan is designed for a company with 3 to 10 employees, while custom plans are a value pick for businesses that employ over 11 people. Both of these options offer comprehensive insurance package with much more flexible coverage as opposed to individual health benefit policies.

At Arbetov Insurance, we want to ensure that you get the right benefits plan for your business and your employees. We will offer a plan that balances the the needs of your employees with the price your company is comfortable with.

What is Group Insurance for Business?

As a dedicated business owner, you always keep an eye out for variety of things and make strategic decisions to make you stand out from the market competition. However, in today’s fast-paced business environment, we may forget how important it is to take care of people who contribute to financial growth of your company, your employees.

With a simple, yet, comprehensive group insurance policy for small business you are demonstrating that you are interested in your employees’ wellness, security, and future! Also, your company will gain a competitive edge by keeping your workers loyal to the company!

Healthcare and dental benefits are a vital component of any group benefits plan. It help your employees pay for professional services that are not covered by their provincial insurance policies.

Why Group Medical Insurance is important?

Group Plan Benefits Solutions for Small Business is a fantastic opportunity to provide affordable health care benefits to your workers without having to break the bank. Whether your business is just starting out or you just like to keep things simple and affordable, we offer you a great selection of options ranging from basic plans to specialty products.

Coverage Highlights:

-Attracts and retains employees
-Increases productivity
-Enhance your business image
-Premiums are tax deductible

Our company is proud to offer you group insurance products that you have the flexibility to customize based on your own needs! You can choose to include extended health care benefits along with dental care benefits, disability coverage, critical illness insurance, accidental death and dismemberment benefits as well as life insurance among other available addons.

The best thing about getting a flexible insurance as a business owner is that your benefits package will be tailored around the specific needs of your company.

Who Needs Private Health Insurance for Canadians?

Every client is valuable for us. Even small organizations with 3 to 10 employees can benefit from the specially designed Small Business Group Benefit package – a comprehensive option that can sustain and develop your business success. The package will reduce costs in comparison with individual insurance plans; in addition, your premium may be tax-deductible as a business expense.

Small Business Group Benefit package options:

For organizations with 3 to 10 plan members, the package will include:

– Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage
– Life Insurance for employees

And at least one of the following:

– Short-term disability
– Long-term disability
– Extended Healthcare
– Dental care

Secure your employees today by providing them with financial security and increase their morale, productivity and loyalty to your company!

Important Group Health Insurance Highlights
If you are shopping for an affordable group insurance coverage plan for your business follow these 4 steps and apply for an insurance plan suitable for your needs right away!
Get a Quote
Please use our free online insurance quotes calculator above to get a personal quote based on the number of your employees and explore different coverage options we have!

Feel free to contact our Insurance Advisors in case you have any questions about different plan options.

Once you’ve reviewed coverage options and spoke with our advisors, you can fill out an application form by clicking on “Apply” button right next to the quote you’ve selected.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you once it is approved.

How to Make a Claim
In order to make a claim you simply need to fill out an online Claim Form. Once it is submitted, claims department will review it and settle payment with your medical services provider.

You can use the following link to access the claim form – Claim Form Submission

Coverage Addons:
Want more coverage? There is the option to add life and disability benefits for groups of five or more.
Please send us the request with your name, company name, phone number and email.

We can also improve you health and dental benefits for free by opening the Health and Welfare Trust for your corporation.
The cost is $200 for the corporation.

Group Insurance Benefits:
Please note that availability of insured services and benefit limits will vary depending on the insurance plan of your choice as well as your province of residence.
Some of Group Insurance Benefits include:
– Comprehensive Healthcare Plans
– Prescription Drug Coverage
– Vision care & Dental care
– Insurance and Services for Serious Illnesses
– Travel Medical Coverage
– Optional Life and Disability Insurance
– Ground and Air Ambulance
– Private Duty Nursing Care
– Repair of Accidental Dental Damage
– Preferred Hospital Rooms

For a complete list of beenfits please contact our Insurance Advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a query about Group Insurance? Here is a list of our FAQ’s; click the question to see the answer
Q: How do I submit a claim with group insurance plan?
A: In order for your employees to use their coverage, they can create an online profile with an insurance provider and submit claims online directly.
Q: Is it possible to get a custom group insurance plan with different health and dental coverage levels?
A: Yes it absolutely is possible! You are able to combine different healthcare packages with multiple dental care options in order to create a plan that would suite each and everyone of your employees!
Q: Do all of the employees have to enroll in a group plan?
A: No, it is not necessary. In case some of your workers already have insurance coverage from their spouse, for example, then they can opt out from a plan at their own work place.
Q: What is the number of employees required in order to qualify for a this group insurance plan?
A: With a standard group insurance coverage plan, you can enroll as long as your business employs at least 3 people and up to 10. However, in case your company has 11 or more people, then a custom insurance plan would be best.

Feel free to contact us in order to get a quote or discuss your coverage options!

Q: Is there any assistance benefits for insured employees?
A: Yes! Employee Family Assistance Program is included in stock group plans by default. Even if you opt for a custom plan you can add EFAP to your package when you apply.

Such assistance program offers information resources, access to counselling promoting mental and physical health as well as life coaching!

Q: Is Group Insurance tax deductible?
A: It is a fairly complex question. When it comes to employees, disability insurance and personal health insurance coverage premiums that are paid by employer are not taxable, while critical-illness insurance premiums are a taxable expense. As an employer, however, you can deduct paid group insurance premiums as long as it is a reasonable business expense.

Have a question about Group Insurance?

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Excellent customer service! Thanks Lea.
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22:07 17 Dec 23
I have had the most seamless smoothest experience ever with this insurance company. Every change I had to make regarding my parents supervisa medical insurance was processed quickly with no complications. They have been understanding of my situation through all the ups and downs over the last few years including the difficult and complex covid periods. Particular kudos to Lea for making this complicated insurance experience a siimple and stress free process for me.
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Great service, efficient communication, and a really easy way to get insurance with lots of help and support to get the right deal.
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I have purchased a few policies with Lea, and each time the service was great! The last one took less than 10 minutes to complete!The polices itself are also good, as we have not had any problems with claims so far.
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I have purchased parents visitor insurance twice from Arbetov. I got fast and patient response from Lea. Her professional attitude makes me confident to trust Arbetov. I will repurchase from this company.
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I have been purchased travel insurances for my parents multiple times and they are super friendly and very helpful. Mainly, in contacted with Lea, helped me to find the correct cost effective products.
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Great fast service, have been with them for a few years now. Good options for insurance!
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Extremely nice and efficient staff! My go to for insurance
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We purchased Supervisa insurance through Arbetov Insurance many times and they have been very helpful since the very start, especially Eugene and Lea.Highly recommended!!
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My whole experience with Arbetov was very pleasant. From the purchase and payment down to the refund request. Credits and many thanks to Lea as she was the one who assisted me with everything. She was just so responsive and very helpful all throughout! 🙂
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Lea was very helpful and friendly. It was a great experience.
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Lea provided a great and professional service and helped us to find the best medical insurance for us.
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The web site was the best,clear,simple to folow, and the help chat assistance was the iceing on the cake.Lea really put me at ease and gave me advice and did all the hard work of making the policy. I have never had such an understanding helper on line before. Deserves a pay rise!
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Lea was super helpful. She made the process of getting insurance very easy and seamless. I called her multiple times and she was very happy to respond to all my emails and calls in very prompt time. Honestly this has been the most smoothest insurance provider I have seen so far. Thank you again Lea for your kind service and help, reassuring me all the way and being the star you are! Thank you
Francesca BisiFrancesca Bisi
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I would give 10 stars if I could! :)I found this insurance company by chance 4 years ago and I could not have been more lucky. For the past 4 years I've been interacting with them and in particularly with Lea. She went above and beyond to always help me to find an insurance that could satisfy my needs. She was so professional and efficient. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who might need insurance advisors! :)Thank you very much for all your brilliant job!
Chetan DhotreChetan Dhotre
21:19 23 Mar 21
I used Arbetov when shopping for super visa insurance for my parents. I found them very well priced and of great value.Since then my mother's trip has been delayed many a time but Lea has been exceptional in promptly responding to my many requests to move the insurance start date.Well priced, prompt and friendly service. What more could you ask for!
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