Useful Resources for New Immigrants To Canada

Here you can find valuable information for the first years living in Canada. Provided are links to websites for renting apartments, where to apply for Social Insurance Number (ID without which you can’t work or buy individual life or health insurance plan), application for Provincial Medical Service Plan in BC, telephone companies, free of charge internet access, different searches for people, educational sources, public and private schools, scholarships, diploma evaluations, public transportation schedule, how to start your own business, how to apply for patents in Canada etc.


For people, who are going to arrive


For people, who have just arrived


Education in Canada


Job Search


Rentals and Real Estate


Other Useful Websites


For Entertainment

Dear Reader,Here I listed the websites, which I used for myself as a newcomer and I think it can make you life in Canada somewhat easier. I will be happy if you could share your experience with useful information for immigrants to Canada.

You can email me with links you want to share with the public. If you want, I can include your name with an appreciation from me, personally, as well as other people, who will find your experience helpful and applicable to their own lives in Canada.

Michael Arbetov,

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