Travel Health Insurance for Canadian Students

If you are a Canadian Student travelling abroad or out of your home-province to pursue your degree, you can protect yourself and your financial well-being with a private health insurance for Canadian Students.
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Insurance for Canadian Students:
As a Canadian national travelling outside of your province of residence to pursue education, you can secure your financial well-being with a comprehensive insurance policy for Canadian Students!

You may already know that your Government Health Coverage does not fully cover the costs for your possible medical needs outside of your home-province.

That is why, opting for a Travel Health Insurance for Canadian Students will be a smart choice to make when you will live away from home.

Canadian Students Insurance Overview:

Travel health insurance for Canadian Students will take care of the costs for your emergency medical needs while, you are studying outside your province of residence.

Such health insurance works as an addition to your Provincial Health Insurance Plan covering up to $2,000,000 for medical emergency treatment during the period of your studies.

Insurance Requirements for Canadian Students:

Once you have decided that you are leaving your province of residence and would like to have your money safe from the medical emergency treatment expenses, it is time to determine your eligibility for a Canadian Students health insurance policy.

Health insurance for travelling Canadian Students is ONLY available for you, if:

– You are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
– You are 40 years old or younger
– You are currently covered under your Provincial Healthcare Plan
– You are going to study full time in a recognized learning institution abroad or another province/territory in Canada.
– You meet other conditions set by an insurance plan of interest.

Important Notice: Be advised that eligibility requirements may vary depending on the health insurance plan for Canadian Students travelling to study abroad or in other province in Canada. Please, read Policy Wording for an insurance plan of your choice or contact our Insurance Advisors, if you have any questions.