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Planning to go on vacation, but not sure how you can protect your money against the costs for the immediate medical needs you may have? Don’t worry, Travel Insurance for Canadians will be ideal, if you are taking a trip outside your province of residence.

Travel Insurance in Canada: What is It?

Travel Insurance for Canadians is designed to provide medical and optional non-medical emergency coverage to Canadian Citizens and Permanent and Temporary Residents, who are travelling abroad or to other provinces across Canada.

The Canadian Travel Insurance will take care of the costs for an immediate medical attention you may require during your trip since the government health insurance plan will not be as useful outside your province of residence, in case you have an urgent health issue.

Travel Insurance in Canada: Who Needs It?

As you already know, Canadian Residents are insured under their Provincial Healthcare Plans, however, they only cover a small portion of medical expenses incurred outside Canada. Your government insurance coverage may also be limited while travelling to another province, and even the slightest injury or illness can deal a significant blow to your budget.

If you are planning on going out of your residence’s province or abroad, travel health insurance for Canadians will provide you with a simple and affordable way to protect yourself from the costs of medical emergencies that may happen during the trip.

In order to be eligible for Travel Insurance, you MUST:

– Be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident
– Be currently enrolled in your provincial health insurance plan
– Meet other specific conditions set by a particular Canadian Insurance company

Travel Insurance in Canada: Non-medical Travel Coverage

Canadian travel health insurance coverage we offer is up to $10 million per person. Such comprehensive travel insurance coverage will give you peace of mind while you are on a trip as it will cover the necessary expenses for emergency medical care.

Also, in order to increase your protection, optional travel coverage is available for non-medical expenses including:

– All Inclusive Worldwide/Canada/USA Travel Packages
– Trip cancellation and Trip interruption
– Loss / delay / damage of your baggage
– Documents replacement
– Rental car protection
– Flight or Travel Accidents
– Cruise Travel Packages

Travel Insurance in Canada: Trip Plans

Single-Trip Plans
If you only travel occasionally, we offer you a variety of Single-Trip travel insurance plans, which include Emergency Medical, All-Inclusive, Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption as well as other non-health emergency coverage options.

Multi-Trip Plans
If you take two or more trips per year, enjoy the convenience and savings of a one-time purchase of the Canadian travel insurance policy with an unlimited number of trips taken during the period of 365 days. Select your travel insurance coverage for 4, 10, 18, or 30 days per trip outside of Canada.

In order to get your Canadian travel insurance coverage, all you need to do is to follow the links below, read a plan description, calculate a personal quote and pay with a credit card.

Once the payment is processed, you will receive your travel insurance by email in no time.

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Important Notice: Each Canadian travel insurance plan has its own coverage features and eligibility requirements. In order to read an official travel insurance descriptions for a particular plan, follow the links above or contact one of our Insurance Advisors.