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* All displayed product prices are in Canadian funds (CAD), exclude applicable taxes, if any, and are subject to change by the corresponding insurance provider without prior notice. Please, note that you may be required to undergo a medical examination and/or submit your medical history record for review as a part of application process. The final price is determined by the corresponding insurance provider upon the sale order.
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Coverage: 350 000 CAD
Smoker: Non-Smoker
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Did you know that having Life Insurance is a great way of investing part of your capital in your family’s future?

Here are some of the reasons to consider getting a Life Insurance policy:

– Support your family members, if the the source of income is lost.
– Pay off your taxes to save wealth for inheritance.
– Pay off your financial debt i.e mortgage, loans and lines of credit, etc.
– Charitable Contributions.
– Source of savings and investment growth.

At Arbetov Insurance we want you to know how life insurance works and what we can do for you to satisfy your needs in the future. Not being insured is a big responsibility since you may have family members dependent on you.

Getting life insurance can be complex as there are so many products on the market which makes it almost impossible to find the right coverage without an experienced advisor.

What We Offer
There are several types of insurance plans available on the market: Term, Whole Life and Universal Life. Check out these Insurance tabs for a coverage type that suits you.

Term life insurance is an affordable way to guarantee short term protection. If you are a young couple with a mortgage and kids, you should consider term life insurance. This enables you to later switch or convert to a permanent life insurance policy without providing proof of your health.

You can purchase term life insurance as an initial step before purchasing whole life or universal life insurance. Term Life Insurance includes:

  • Temporary life insurance coverage
  • Designed to cover specific needs for a period of time i.e. 5 years, 10 years, 15 years
  • Each time you renew, the premiums go up
  • Less expensive in the beginning, but becomes very expensive later in life
  • Expires at age ~85
  • No cash value
  • Convertible to permanent insurance

Whole life insurance can combine permanent life insurance protection with a savings component. You can keep your life protection, provided, you keep making premium payments.

Policyholders can use their policy dividends to purchase additional life insurance or cover their premiums.
You can modify your basic policy with a flexible choice of riders. Whole Life Insurance includes:

  • Coverage that will last you your whole life
  • Premiums which stay the same and never go up
  • Guaranteed cash values
  • Can pay annual dividends
  • Premiums are flexible based on your choice

Universal Life Insurance provides permanent life insurance protection with an investment component. You can use the cash accumulated to cover the cost of your insurance premiums.

In addition to providing security and protection through its life insurance component, Universal Life Insurance can provide an additional source of income for emergencies, retirement or estate planning needs.

You can select the investment vehicles yourself- based on your level of knowledge, risk tolerance and circumstances. You can customize your coverage to meet your lifestyle and budget needs. Universal Life Insurance includes:

  • Flexibility in premium payments as well as death benefit
  • A savings component as well as permanent coverage
  • Tax sheltered investment growth
  • Funds which can provide a tax-free pension fund