Insurance for International Students in Canada

If you are an International Student traveling to Canada, your government insurance coverage does not travel with you.

That is why you should get a comprehensive insurance policy in order to secure your health and financial well-being from the possible medical emergency treatment costs while you can focus on pursuing your education!

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Insurance for International Students:
Since Canadian health care services are much more expensive compared to many other places across the globe, you may become financially unprotected from the costs of an unexpected medical emergency.

However, by getting Canadian medical insurance for International Students, you won’t need to cover the costs for health emergency treatment out of pocket while you study!

Such coverage will take care of the expenses associated with an immediate treatment such as hospitalization, surgery, physician services, etc. that results from an unforeseen event of medical emergency you might encounter while you are in Canada or on a side-trip to another country.

Who needs International Students Insurance?

Since you are new in Canada, you will surely dedicate lots of time focusing on your studies and settling in. Yet, it is a perfect moment to ensure your financial stability with an International Students health insurance coverage, while you are pursuing your degree.

International Students medical insurance is ideal for you, if:

– You are a full-time student at an accredited Canadian school, college, university, etc.
– You are not eligible for any Provincial Insurance Plan
– You have just graduated and plan to stay in Canada gaining work experience related to your studies

So, unless you qualify for a provincial medical coverage in Canada, it will be a smart choice to make opting for a private travel health insurance plan for International Students, while you study in Canada.

Insurance Requirements for International Students:

Even though health insurance requirements for International Students are not always clear, it is essential that you examine a policy booklet before making the final purchase.

The best International Students health insurance:

– Designed specifically for international students
– Covers hospitalization, emergency medical care and repatriation
– Is purchased from a certified Canadian insurance provider

That is why, several trusted Canadian insurance companies we work with have come up with a travel health insurance plan that is specifically tailored to suit your healthcare needs as an International Student visiting Canada to study what you love.

How to Calculate International Students Insurance
Cost and Apply?
Getting a personal quote for International Students insurance plan will only take a few seconds so you can explore your coverage options right away!
Get a Quote
To get started you can use our Student insurance calculator you will just need to enter applicant’s age as well as indicate the duration of insurance policy.

After that just click “Calculate” to see the list of available options along with your personal quotes.

Select a Plan
Once you’ve calculated a quote, feel free to click on the “Plan Details” button on the right-hand side to learn more about the policy of your choice. Feel free to compare different options to see which one would be a more suitable policy in your situation. You can also talk to our Insurance Advsiors in case you would like to get a more in-depth look into available options!
Review Your Coverage
It is always a great idea to review coverage details as well as policy conditions before making a purchase. The best way to go about it is to read through the official Policy Wording, where you can review coverage details and policy highlights including description of benefits, eligibility requirements, refund policy, claim reporting procedure as well as other information.
The final step is to fill out an application form and make the payment using a credit card. In order to proceed with purchasing your Visitors insurance, just click on “Buy Insurance” or “Buy Online” button. If you wish to purchase your coverage online, you can click on Buy Insurance or Buy Now button next to your quote to proceed. Once your payment is processed by the insurance provider, your policy confirmation will be sent by email right away!
Student Insurance Benefits:
Most Canadian medical and travel insurance for International Students in Canada has its own coverage features depending on a plan of your choice.

Please, note that Student Insurance is designed to cover the costs for health emergency treatment only, with a few exceptions.
Summary of International Students Insurance Benefits:
– Hospitalization
– Pregnancy / Maternity Benefits
– Emergency Medical Treatment
– Physician and Surgeon Services
– Paramedical Services
– Ambulance Transportation
– Rental of Medical Appliances
– Prescription Drugs
– Emergency Evacuation / Repatriation
– Dental Pain Relief / Emergency Dental Repair

Special Features of Student Insurance

Please, note that special features availability depends on an International Student health insurance plan you choose.

– Up to $5,000,000 worth of coverage for emergency medical care and hospitalization with certain plan options.
– Up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement if you cannot complete your program due to an illness.
– Annual Physical Check Ups.
– Coverage for eligible spouse and dependent children.
– Eye Examinations and Vaccinations.
– Trauma Counselling
– Wisdom Teeth Removal
– Pregnancy Coverage up to $1,000.
– Coverage for Tutorial Services.

In order to determine what a certain insurance policy offer please read the Policy Wording that you can view by clicking on Plan Details button in the calculator above or contact our Insurance Advisors.

International Student Pathway:
Since you have made up your mind to travel to Canada and begin your studies, you may want to explore the options that the Government of Canada has to offer.

There is plenty of opportunities for International Students in Canada ranging from English as a Second Language (ESL) programs to an undergraduate/post-graduate career in an accredited College or University across Canada.

International Students in Canada: Getting Stated

It has never been an easy decision to move away from your home and spend several years studying in a foreign country. However, what could be more exciting then exploring the world and meeting new people, while you are young and full of life!

Once you have made your choice to discover available opportunities as an International Student in Canada, you will need to consider several things.

> Which city to live in?
> Which school to attend?
> How to get a Study Permit?
> Would you be working in Canada during or after your studies?
> What are other required documents?

In order to find out more information regarding a preparation to become an International Student in Canada, please visit the International Student’s section on the official IRCC website –Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

International Students in Canada: Eligibility

Determining your eligibility in order to travel to Canada as International Student is the next important step after you have started to gather more information on the topic.

As an International Student visiting Canada you MUST:

– Provide a Letter of Acceptance from aDesignated Learning Institution in Canada.
– Present a proof of sufficient funds to cover the expenses for living in Canada, tuition fees and transportation to your country of permanent residence.
– Have no criminal record and be allowed to enter Canada.
– Be in good health and complete aMedical Examination.
– Leave Canada by the end of your allowed stay.

Click to learn more –Eligibility Requirements for International Students

International Students in Canada: Application Process

Having determined your eligibility and received all necessary documents, you may begin the application process for a Study Permit that will allow you to stay in Canada as an International Student.

Study Permit: Online Application Guidelines

Study Permit: Paper Application Guidelines

Note that depending on your country of citizenship, you may be required to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to enter Canada in addition to a Study Permit.

Find out if you need to apply for a TRV –List of Designated Countries

International Students in Canada: Once You Have Applied

After you have submitted your application for Study Permit, you may be wondering what are the next steps on your way to come to Canada as an International Student.

Check how long the application review will take –Processing Times

Once a decision has been reached on your Study Permit application, there will be 2 options:

If your application is approved, IRCC will send you a Letter of Introduction, which you must show to a POE Officer at the Canadian border to receive your actual Study Permit.

If your application is not approved, you will be receiving a Letter of Refusal with a a reason why your application has not been approved, so you can re-apply later again providing all needed documentation and following the official guidelines to minimize the risk of future refusal.

Reasons for Study Permit Refusal:

– Insufficient funds
– Failure to pass medical exam
– Failure to convince the Visa Officer that your primary goal in Canada is to study
– Failure to convince the Visa Officer that you will leave Canada by the end of authorized stay

International Students in Canada: Upon Arrival in Canada

The last step on your way to become an authorized International Student is arrival in Canada. It is very important that you carry all necessary documents with you at all times as you will be asked to present them at the point of entry to Canada.

Necessary Documents for International Students in Canada:

– Valid Passport or Travel Document
– Letter of Introduction issued by the Visa Office
– Valid Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), if it is required
– Copy of Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution in Canada
– Proof of sufficient funds
– References to any other documents that were advised by the Visa Office

Important Notice: If you are carrying CAD 10,000 or more with you, you have to notify the CBSA Officer and declare the amount of money in writing. Failure to comply is considered a law violation.

The last thing is a health insurance plan for International Students coming to Canada as neither the Government of Canada nor the learning institution you are accepted into are responsible for the medical treatment expenses incurred while your stay in Canada.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to examine your health insurance options for International Students in Canada and protect your finances against the high costs of medical services.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question?You can read through commonly asked question about medical insurance for International Students in Canada to get started!


Q: When and how should I buy health insurance for International Students?
A: It is always better to buy your insurance for International Student before you arrive in Canada in order to avoid a waiting period, which could last several days.

In order to make the purchase, all you need to do is to calculate a personal quote and fill out an application form. Our Insurance Advsiors will get in touch with you once we hear from you.

Q: Are International Students required to have health insurance in Canada?
A: Even though International Students in Canada are not required to have health insurance, it is highly recommended that you secure your finances and avoid paying for costly emergency medical services, if you ever need such assistance it.
Q: How to compare International Students health insurance plans?
A: You can use our free online International Students health insurance to take a look at all available plans and compare the summary of benefits of each.

You should also check a Policy Wording of each plan you are thinking of purchasing in order to make sure that it cover what you need.

Q: Are there any International Students in Canada health insurance requirements?
A: There are no official International Student insurance requirements set by the Government of Canada.

However, the best practices state that such student health insurance has to cover the essentials such as hospitalization, repatriation as well as emergency medical care.

Q: Is there any International Student dental insurance?
A: Canadian insurance companies that offer their travel health insurance plans to International Students, who are coming to Canada, have an emergency dental insurance supplement.

Such dental insurance coverage will take care of the costs for emergency dental repair, wisdom teeth removal as well as dental pain relief up to the limit set by a particular insurance plan.

Q: I am travelling to Canada to study. Am I eligible to buy international health insurance for students?
A: Yes, absolutely! If you are enrolled in a high-school, college or under the exchange program in Canada as an International Student, you are eligible to protect yourself using such insurance coverage.

If you were unable to find what you were looking for, please take a look at our General FAQ for more information, or talk to our advisors and we will be happy to assist you!

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