Dental Insurance Plans for Canadians

Dental care costs can become a financial burden fairly quickly if you don’t have a proper insurance plan. Protect your budget with a private Canadian dental insurance policy that will take care of the costs for your oral health needs!
Dental Insurance Coverage:

You may not know that but thousands of people in Canada do not have an appropriate Dental plan set up.

Since Provincial health care plans may not satisfy all of your medical care needs, you can secure yourself with a supplementary Dental Insurance Canada with increasing benefits over the years.

Who Needs Dental Insurance Coverage?
You may need dental coverage if you are:-Retired:
Since the employee benefits plan you’re accustomed to at your work place may not cover you during retirement, be prepared with supplementary dental insurance for canadians.

-Small Business Owner:
Consider supplementary coverage if you are self-employed, working within a budget, and perhaps do not have a group plan set-up.

-Seeking Additional Coverage:
Supplementary dental insurance Canada coverage is a good idea if you or one of your dependents needs additional coverage for special needs that are not included in your current group or work health care plan.

In order to apply your Provincial medical insurance plan must be currently active.




How to Calculate Dental Insurance
Cost and Apply?
Looking for an individual dental benefit plan? Just follow these 4 steps and apply for an insurance plan suitable for your needs right away!
Get a Quote
Please use the links shown above in order to calculate personal quotes and view plan details for the insurance provider of your choice.

Once you provide required information, you’ll be able to see the list of plans along with payable premium per month.

Select a Plan
From the list of quotes provided, choose the one you like and proceed to the application when prompted.

You will re-directed to the Dental Insurance Application form.

Complete Your Application
There, you will need to fill out a small questionnaire.

You will need to provide some basic personal information such as your name, date of birth, number of applicants as well as contact details details required to finalize your application.

Make a Purchase
The final step is the application process and payment. All that is left is to complete the purchase using your credit card. All what is left is to complete the purchase using your credit card.

Once the payment is processed, your Insurance Policy is sent by email within a few minutes!

Dental Insurance Benefits:
Please note that availability of dental benefits and coverage limits may differ depending on your province of residence as well as the insurance plan you select.
Summary of Extended Health Insurance Benefits:
– Diagnostic Expenses (Oral examinations, X-rays)
– Preventive Treatments (Fluoride treatments, Polishing)
– Restorative Treatments (Silver-colored fillings and tooth-colored fillings on front adult teeth)
– Periodontal Cleaning (Scaling and Root planning)
– Prosthodontic Services (Denture services, repairs to onlays, Inlays, bridges and crowns)
– Oral surgery
– Root Canals and other Endodontics
– Major Restorative Services
– Complete or Partial Dentures
– OrthodonticsFor a detailed coverage description please read the Policy Wording for the insurance plan of your interest.


Frequently Asked Questions
Still not sure what to do? Here is a list of our FAQ’s; click the question to unveil the answer
Q: Is dental care covered by provincial insurance?

A: Unfortunately, routine dental care is not a part of your provincial insurance coverage. While certain medical procedures might be covered if treatment requires you to undergo an oral surgery as a result of a medical emergency, routine oral care is excluded from the government benefits.

With that said, the best way to go about securing your financial well-being when it comes to paying dental care bills is to get a dental insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage for both major and minor dental treatment services including cleanings, check ups, oral surgeries, root canals, etc.

Q: What benefits do individual Dental Insurance plans include?

A: Although the list of insured services and benefit limits varies depending on the policy of your choice as well as the province of residence, most individual dental insurance plans usually include the following benefits:

Diagnostic services such as exams and scans; preventive measures including fluoride treatments, polishing; scaling and soot planning; surgical procedures, root canals; endodontic and orthodontics; certain restorative treatments such as fillings; prosthodontic Services including complete or partial dentures services, repairs to onlays / Inlays, bridges and crowns; as well as major restoration of teeth.

In order to find out exactly what are the benefits in a plan of your interest, you can always read the Policy Wording or speak with our Insurance Advisors!

Q: Does dental insurance cover 100% of expenses?

A: As with most private insurance policies there are certain limits on covered services.

Generally, individual dental insurance policies offer to pay a percentage of the covered services for up to a certain amount per year i.e. 70% or 80% with a $500-$800 annual limit, while the remaining portion of eligible expenses has to be paid out of pocket.

It’s worth noting that many dental insurance plans have a progression-based system when your benefit limits increase the longer you have your coverage in place. For example, during the first year you are covered for 60% of the bill for a maximum of $500. Your coverage will increase to 70% and $700 during the second year, while coverage for year 3 and beyond will go up to $900 and 80%.

Q: Is it possible to keep my dental coverage when I quit my job?

A: Yes, most insurance policies that provide dental coverage offer a transition plan to have you covered for your dental care needs in case you switch your jobs or are no longer employed and covered through your workplace.

In order to learn more about the particulars of such coverage you can contact our insurance advisors.

Q: When do my dental benefits begin once I enroll?

A: Your insurance will commence on the effective date you select at the time of enrollment. Yet, it is worth noting that there could be a waiting period before you are able to use your policy and make claims.

Usually, waiting period is 3 months. In order to find out about the duration of a waiting period on a policy you have selected, please read its Policy Wording or contact our Insurance Advisors for details.

Q: Is Dental Insurance insurance tax deductible?
A: Yes, it is! You can claim your dental insurance expenses in your annual tax declaration.

Get a Quote for Dental Insurance Coverage


I never thought that I would need to look for a dental coverage myself since I usually get benefits through work. But to my own surprise it wasn’t that difficult to go over and compare my options thanks to arbetov’s online consultants. Overall, it was a great experience dealing with your company. I got to know what to look for when shopping for a proper policy, benefit caps, claim procedures you name it. You guys did a wonderful job explaining this insurance to me. Thank you and I will be looking forward to more business with you in the future!
David P.
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