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Health Insurance for Canadians.

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Affordable Dental Insurance for Canadians

Millions of people in Canada do not have an appropriate Dental plan set up. Although Provincial health care plans may not satisfy all your medical care needs, you can secure yourself with a supplementary Dental Insurance Canada with increasing benefits over the years.

Getting coverage will give you a peace of mind as well as tax benefits!

We work with the largest Canadian Insurance companies and can offer you the coverage you need at the price you can afford. You can use our insurance rate calculator to compare the quotes among different companies in order to purchase Dental insurance Canada policy.

You may need dental coverage if you are

    • Retired

Since the employee benefits plan you’re accustomed to at your work place may not cover you during retirement, be prepared with supplementary dental insurance  for canadians.

    • Small Business Owner

Consider supplementary coverage if you are self-employed, working within a budget, and perhaps do not have a group plan set-up.

    • Seeking Additional Coverage

Supplementary dental insurance Canada coverage is a good idea if you or one of your dependents needs additional coverage for special needs that are not included in your current group or work health care plan.

  1. Use our Dental Insurance Calculator to see the options available to you from all Canadian insurance companies. You’ll be able to see the dental insurance cost online on our website.
  2. From the list of quotes provided, choose the one you like and click either name of the plan in case you want to see what is covered by a particular plan or click on “Buy Online” on the right to buy the chosen policy. Once you have clicked “Buy Online”, you will re-directed to the Dental Insurance Application form.
  3. The final step is the application process and payment. You will be asked to enter some basic personal information such the date of birth as well as your address in Canada. All what is left is to complete the purchase using your credit card. Once the payment is processed, your Insurance Policy is sent by email within a few minutes.

Each Dental insurance plan has its own unique features that affect its cost.

– Diagnostic Expenses (Oral examinations, X-rays)
– Preventive Treatments (Fluoride treatments, Polishing)
– Restorative Treatments (Silver-colored fillings and tooth-colored fillings on front adult teeth)
– Periodontal Cleaning (Scaling and Root planning)
– Prosthodontic Services (Denture services, repairs to onlays, Inlays, bridges and crowns)
– Oral surgery
– Root Canals and other Endodontics
– Major Restorative Services
– Complete or Partial Dentures
– Orthodontics