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Super Visa insurance Canada policy ONLY provides medical emergency-based coverage excluding regular physical examinations.
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What is Visitors to Canada Insurance?

Medical emergency Visitors to Canada insurance is essential for everyone planning to travel to Canada; especially Returning Canadians, New Immigrants and Foreign Workers destined to the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon and New Brunswick.

As a Tourist, IEC/Working Holiday participant or other type of visitor to the country, you should also get Visitors to Canada insurance coverage in order to protect your financial well-being from the costs of medical emergency treatment, which you may need during your stay in Canada.

Moreover, Returning Canadians as well as New Immigrants and Foreign Workers who are awaiting their provincial healthcare plan, are encouraged to get a private health insurance plan in order to avoid the risks of unnecessary medical care expenses during the provincial waiting period.

Who needs Visitors to Canada insurance coverage:

    – New Immigrants
    – Foreign Workers / Work Permit Holders
    – IEC/Working Holiday Participants
    – Returning Canadians
    – Tourists / Visitors

Please note that you need to purchase your Visitors to Canada medical insurance policy BEFORE you exit your country of permanent residence and travel to Canada. If you are already in Canada and wish to get covered, do not hesitate to contact us for further information, so our Insurance Advisors can find a suitable insurance plan for you.

Visitors to Canada health insurance coverage is carefully designed to cover medical emergency treatment costs for something that is unexpected and requires immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, regular checkups and non-emergency visits to a medical specialist in a clinic or a hospital, as well as routine physical examinations are not covered by these types of insurance policies.

Visitors to Canada such as Tourists and IEC/Working Holiday participants are not initially eligible for coverage provided by any Government Health Insurance Plan in Canada. That is why, it is very important to purchase Visitors to Canada insurance coverage to avoid unexpected financial expenses, if there is a need for urgent medical assistance.