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Temporary Workers Insurance:
Foreign Workers Insurance in Canada is designed to cover the cost of emergency medical treatment for work permit holders, who do not qualify for provincial medical care plans or have a 2 to 3-months waiting period in BC, QC, SK and Yukon.
How does Temporary Foreign Workers Insurance work?

As a Canadian Work Permit Holder, your provincial health benefit plan may take about 2-3 months to start once you are eligible for it.

In the meantime, you can opt for a private health insurance for Temporary Residents in Canada and Foreign Workers in order to avoid paying out of your own pocket for the medical emergency treatment of accidental injuries and unforeseen sicknesses you may require.

Such coverage is provided while insured person resides in Canada or is travelling to other countries across the world (except for their country of origin/citizenship), provided that his or her stay within Canada is longer than the duration of a side-trip.

Who needs Temporary Residents & Workers Insurance?
If your employment is in British Columbia, Quebec, Nunavut or Yukon you will have to wait approximately 2 or 3 months before you can be eligible for public health care in Canada.

If you are relocating to Saskatchewan from overseas, then the waiting period will NOT apply as long as you begin your residency in the province BEFORE the 1st day of the 3rd month following your arrival in Canada.

In Ontario, while the waiting period no longer applies, each Work Permit holder will need to have full-time employment in order to qualify for OHIP.

That is why, it is strongly recommended that you consider applying for a private Temporary Foreign Workers health insurance plan, while awaiting your government insurance card.

How to Calculate Temporary Workers Insurance
Cost and Apply?
Immigrating to Canada? Don’t forget to get an insurance policy before you travel! Just follow 4 simple steps below to see the list of available insurance options from the top Canadian insurance companies we work with!
Get a Quote
To get an instant insurance quote simply use our online calculator for Foreign Workers Insurance. Once you enter applicant’s details, you can click on “Calculate Quote” to see a list of quotes with different deductible options.

Deductible is the amount of money that you pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company covers the rest, when you make a claim.

Select a Plan
Once you calculate a quote and see all available insurance packages, you can compare different options. Choose the plan you like and click on the “Plan Details” button next to the option selected.

You will be re-directed to a web-page, where you can review coverage details, eligibility requirements as well as other policy highlights for the Foreign Workers insurance policy of your choice.

Review Your Coverage
Read the Summary of Benefits, Eligibility Requirements and other information outlined on the web-page. Please note that in order to see the official insurance plan description, you need to review the Policy Wording, which is also available for review on our website.

Once you have finished learning about the offered medical insurance for foreign workers in Canada, you can click on the “Buy Insurance” or “Buy Online” button to begin your on-line application.

In order to purchase your Temporary Residents and Foreign Workers in Canada medical insurance, all you need to do is to provide your name, date of birth and other basic personal and contact information.

Make sure you take a moment to review your application in order to be certain that you put all your information in correctly for your Foreign Workers insurance policy. Once you apply you will receive your insurance policy via email.

What does Temporary Workers Insurance cover?
Each Temporary Foreign Workers insurance plan is slightly different from one another. Yet, the summary of benefits below outlines what is covered by all plans we offer.
Medical insurance for Foreign Workers ONLY covers medical emergency treatment of unexpected sicknesses and accidental injuries excluding routine health care.
Summary of Foreign Workers Insurance Benefits:
– Medical Care for Emergencies
– Follow up Visits
– Repatriation / Emergency Home Return
– Ambulance Services
– Emergency Dental Repair
– Accidental Dental
– Various Laboratory Diagnostics/ X-Ray
– Prescription Drugs
– Services of a Medical Specialist i.e. chiropractor, osteopath, etc.
– Hospitalization
– Rental or Purchase of Medical Appliances

For a detailed coverage description please read the Policy Wording of the insurance plan you select.

Provincial Insurance Coverage: Waiting Period
Provincial health coverage eligibility requirements are slightly different across Canada. As a Temporary Foreign Worker, you might be eligible for the provincial insurance coverage only 2-3 months after your arrival or the day you begin working depending on the province of your residence.

Yet, if you are planning to establish your residence in Yukon, Nunavut, Quebec or British Columbia, your government insurance coverage will only begin 2 to 3 months following the date you become eligible due to a waiting period (exceptions may apply in Saskatchewan), while in Ontario you would just need to have a full-time job with an Ontario employer for at least 6 months.

While your provincial coverage is not active, you may enroll for a private medical insurance coverage to avoid having to pay out of pocket for unforeseen health care costs if you happen to have a medical emergency.

BC, SK, NU, YT, QC Waiting Period:

Quebec and Yukon, on the other hand, have slightly different waiting period rule that allows you to register as soon as you arrive in these provinces. The waiting period itself will be 3 months as long as you make Quebec or Yukon your primary residence in Canada during your employment.

Furthermore, British Columbia calculates the duration of an applicable waiting period based on the remainder of the month when you arrive and establish your residence in BC plus 2 full months.

In Nunavut, your coverage may begin on the 1st day of the 3rd month after your arrival.

As mentioned earlier, in Saskatchewan, you will be eligible to receive provincial insurance coverage on the first day following your arrival in the province in case you’ve relocated to SK from overseas directly or within the first 2 month after entering Canada.

Provincial Insurance: Eligibility Requirements

The Ministry of Health affairs in BC, Yukon, Nunavut, BC, QC and SK will be responsible for determining the date your residency is established through a number of factors.

In addition to providing necessary documents as a part of your application, you must also physically reside in a province that grants you government health care benefits for a certain number of days within a calendar year in order to remain eligible for such insurance.

Learn More About Provincial Insurance coverage across Canada by using the links below:

Visit the officialHealth Care System website for more information on medical insurance coverage in each province and territory.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a specific question about Foreign Workers insurance? Here is a list of commonly asked questions. To view the answer, just click on the appropriate question box!


Q: Who needs Temporary Foreign Workers medical insurance?
A: If you are travelling to BC, Saskatchewan, Yukon or Quebec as a Temporary Foreign Worker, the government of Canada official strongly recommend that you purchase a private insurance policy.
When you have a private insurance you can use it to cover possible medical emergency expenses while your provincial insurance is not active for the first 2-3 months of arrival.
Q: Is it necessary to buy medical insurance for Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada?
A: While it is not mandatory to buy private insurance when you are coming to Canada as a Temporary Foreign Worker, it is highly recommended to purchase a policy.

In case there is a medical emergency situation while you are not covered under any government insurance plan in Canada, more specifically, in SK, BC, ON, YT and QC, you will be able to use your private Foreign Workers insurance to take care of treatment costs.

Q: When should I purchase Foreign Workers insurance?
A: The best time to get your Temporary Workers insurance policy is before you leave your home country and travel to Canada. It is strongly recommended to allow a few business days before you travel to buy your travel health insurance in order to avoid the waiting period, during which you will not be able to use your insurance policy.

The waiting period ranges from 2 to 15 days depending on the insurance policy you select, if you purchase it after you arrive in Canada.

Q: What are the advantages of getting an insurance policy from a Canadian company?
A: The main advantages of dealing with a Canadian company are quicker claim processing as well as direct billing for hospitalization that are not offered by travel insurance companies overseas.
Q: Will my Foreign Workers Insurance cover routine medical care?
A: No, private insurance for all Visitors and temporary residents of Canada will not cover routine check ups or prescription drugs renewals.

Yet, such insurance covers medical emergency treatment costs if you suddenly fall sick or accidentally get injured including physician’s services, hospitalization, emergency dental repair, prescription drugs, laboratory tests and much more!

Q: Can I cancel my policy once I am eligible for the Government health insurance?
A: Yes, once you are covered under any provincial or territorial insurance plan, you can cancel your private insurance policy for Temporary Foreign Workers.

Please note that you must not have made any claims in order to be eligible for a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of your coverage period.

Q: Is Foreign Workers insurance only valid in my province of residence?
A: No, private insurance plans for Foreign Workers cover you anywhere in Canada without you having to stay in a certain province during the entire coverage period.
Q: Do I have to be employed to meet eligibility criteria for Foreign Workers insurance?
A: No, you do not have to be employed to qualify for coverage. You must however meet other eligibility requirements concerning your health as well as legal status to enter and remain in Canada as a Temporary Worker.

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, please take a look at our General FAQ for more information, or talk to our advisors and we will be happy to assist you!

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