Pregnancy Insurance for Visitors to Canada

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A: Yes, only if you are not pregnant when you purchase your policy. Inpatriates to Canada insurance plan from Allianz Global Assistance offers a comprehensive Maternity Benefits package for visitors to Canada.

Please note that in order to qualify for such coverage, an applicant must not get pregnant for at least 2 months AFTER the start date (effective date) of their insurance policy.

Allianz Global Assistance reimburses 80% of eligible maternity care costs up to $10,000 for pregnancy complications, delivery and other eligible costs. It also goes by the name of the “Pre Pregnancy” insurance coverage.

A: Depending on your eligibility for a certain pregnancy health care insurance product, you may receive different benefits.

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A: According to the Policy Wordings from the Canadian insurance providers of pregnancy-related emergency coverage, it is not considered a pre-existing condition.
A: The cost for delivery or childbirth is determined by the hospital and the procedures needed to be done during the childbirth itself. If you have insurance that covers delivery partially, you will only be responsible to pay the remaining amount.

It is hard to say how much the average childbirth costs in Canada if you are not covered by any insurance, as prices range from $3,000 to over $15,000.

Yes, Allianz Global Assistance offers affordable health insurance that covers maternity as well as provides its coverage to newborn babies, upon approval of the insurance company.

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A: If you are a pregnant visitor to Canada and not eligible for Government health insurance, you can apply for private pregnancy complications insurance which is provided by Manulife.

The pregnancy complications supplement will cover the costs of related health emergencies such as bleeding, abdominal pain, premature birth, miscarriage, etc. up to the 31st week of your pregnancy period.

A: If you are travelling to Canada and are not yet pregnant, you may apply for the Allianz Global Assistance Inpatriates to Canada insurance plan.

This pregnancy insurance plan has a waiting period of 2 months after the effective date of the policy commences. If you get pregnant before that time, you will not be eligible to receive maternity insurance benefits under the mentioned policy.

A: The childbirth benefits limit depends on the individual insurance plan that covers pregnancy.

For example, with the Allianz Global Assistance Inpatriates to Canada insurance plan, the overall maternity benefits limit will be $10,000. If you select to purchase the TUgo Platinum Plan, the limit decreases to $3,000.

A: If you are already pregnant and not eligible to receive the provincial health care plan, you can only apply for the travel pregnancy complications insurance which is provided by Manulife.

This policy covers standard medical emergencies for Visitors to Canada as well as providing comprehensive pregnancy insurance for complications including bleeding, premature birth, miscarriage and abdominal pain up to the 31st week of the pregnancy period.

Unfortunately, pregnant visitors to Canada are not covered for delivery or pre-natal care.

A: Yes, there is a single medical insurance plan for visitors to Canada that covers delivery. Allianz Global Assistance Inpatriates to Canada offers you comprehensive health insurance for standard medical emergencies along with Maternity Care insurance benefits that cover up to 80% of the eligible costs associated with pregnancy including delivery and pre-natal care. The maximum amount of premium for pregnancy related costs is $10,000.

For more information, refer to the section called “Non-pregnant Visitors” on this webpage.

A: Yes, you do. It is recommended that you purchase short term health insurance for pregnancy complications in Canada which is provided by Manulife. This insurance policy will also protect your money from other costs of medical emergencies that may happen while awaiting your government health care plan.

For more information, please take a look at our “Pregnant Visitors” section on this webpage.

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