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Manulife Pregnancy Complications Insurance
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Please, note!
Manulife pregnancy complications insurance is ONLY available up to the 31st week of a pregnancy period and DOES NOT include delivery or pre-natal care coverage.
Manulife will cover
The costs of the following pregnancy related complications: Bleeding, Abdominal pain, Miscarriage, Premature birth, It also includes standard coverage for sicknesses and injuries.
What is Pregnancy Complications
Seeking to purchase maternity insurance while pregnant? If you are a tourist, IEC/Working Holiday participant or an International Student currently pregnant and thinking of delivering your child while in Canada, we have a great option for you to stay safe with Travel Insurance Coverage for pregnancy complications!

Medical private insurance for pregnancy complications is offered by one of the largest Canadian insurance providers: Manulife Financial. They have a great value of medical benefits for pregnant people awaiting their provincial insurance to kick in as well as for regular Visitors to Canada.

If the person to be insured is already pregnant, the Visitors to Canada insurance plan from Manulife will cover the costs of the following pregnancy related complications:

– Bleedings
– Abdominal pain
– Miscarriage
– Premature birth

The 9 week period of pregnancy BEFORE the due date is NOT covered under any circumstances.

Manulife only provides Pregnancy Complications coverage as a supplement to their Visitors to Canada medical emergency insurance package, which covers the costs of health emergency treatment.
Secure yourself and your future baby, apply for pregnancy coverage today and keep your peace of mind knowing that you are protected!