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Extended Health Insurance:
Extended personal health insurance for Canadians is designed as a supplementary medical plan to fill the gaps your Provincial medical care policy does not cover.

In order to apply your Provincial medical insurance plan must be currently active.

What is Extended Health Insurance?

As you may know, not every Canadian is covered by their employer’s health plan. So, many of us and our family members are vulnerable to health care expenses that are not covered by the provincial medical insurance plan.

Such costs include dentist’s visits, prescription drugs as well as other personal health care expenses associated with a certain condition that is not covered by the province. Consequently, it may lead to a huge medical bill, which can be avoided with an extended Canadian health insurance supplement.

Canadian Insurance companies that we are working with offer a great variety of individual health insurance plans, so you can select the type of benefits and level of coverage that suit you, your family and your budget!

What are the benefits of Health Insurance?

– Flexible, affordable health insurance for Canadians
Understanding that different individuals have their own medical care needs, flexibility of private Canadian health insurance policies allows you to pay only for the coverage you really need.

– Supplementary Medical Coverage is tailored to your Province:
Provincial coverage plans vary across Canada. Recognizing this, insurance companies adjust the coverage from province to province so you will have the protection you need from unexpected health care expenses – no matter where you reside.

– Potential Tax Advantages for Small Business owners/Self-employed:
Are you a small business owner or self-employed? You may be able to deduct supplemental personal health insurance Canada premiums from your business income.

– Flexible Payment Options:
Most of the companies provide flexible payment options and accept different type of credit cards from banks all over the world, to make the purchase process as simple as possible.

In Arbetov Insurance, we work with the biggest Canadian health insurance companies and can offer you the coverage you need at the cost you can afford.

Who Needs Private Health Insurance for Canadians?

– Retired:
Supplementary health insurance will cover your medical expenses once you retire and become no longer eligible for the employee benefits plan.

– Small Business Owner:
If you are self-employed and working within a limited budget or, perhaps, do not have a group benefit insurance plan set-up, you may consider getting a personal health insurance coverage that comes as a supplement to your Provincial Medical Care policy.

– Seeking Additional Insurance Coverage:
Looking for an additional health insurance coverage for yourself or your dependents? Consider getting a supplementary healthcare policy for special needs that are not covered by your current group or work plan.


How to Calculate Extended Health Insurance
Cost and Apply?
If you are looking for an extended health benefit plan just follow these 4 steps and apply for an insurance plan suitable for your needs right away!
Get a Quote
Please use follow the links shown above to calculate personal quotes and review plan details for the insurance provider of your choice.

Once the quote calculation is complete, you’ll be able to see the list of all options along with their premium.

Select a Plan
From the list of personalized quotes for Extended Health Coverage provided, choose a suitable plan and proceed with application.

You will be re-directed to the application form.

Complete Your Application
There, you will need to fill out a Health Insurance Application Form.

You will need to provide some basic personal information such as your name, date of birth, number of applicants as well as contact details details required to finalize your application.

Make a Purchase
The final step is the application process and payment. All that is left is to complete the purchase using your credit card. All what is left is to complete the purchase using your credit card.

Once the payment is processed, your Insurance Policy is sent by email within a few minutes!

Extended Health Insurance Benefits:
Please note that availability of insured services and benefit limits will vary depending on the insurance plan of your choice as well as your province of residence.
Summary of Extended Health Insurance Benefits:
– Hospital Room Upgrades
– Ground / Air Ambulance
– Emergency Dental Treatment
– In-Hospital Prescription Medications
– Private Duty Nursing
– Medical Appliances i.e. Crutches & Casts

Optional Coverage Upgrades:
– Routine Dental Treatment
– Hospital Cash
– Travel Insurance
– Prescription Medications

For a detailed coverage description please read the Policy Wording for the insurance plan of your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions
Still not sure what to do? Here is a list of our FAQ’s; click the question to unveil the answer
Q: Does my provincial insurance not cover everything?
A: It may come as a surprise, but provincial insurance policy does not cover all possible medical care needs you may have.

Most notably, your health coverage policy does not include things such as dental treatment, prescription medications as well as ambulance transportation and only a few exceptions apply.

That is why, Canadian insurance providers designed a plan that will take care of the costs associated with visits to a dentist, prescription drugs purchases or other medically required services should the need arise.

Q: What benefits does Extended Health Insurance Plan include?
A: While the type of covered services as well as benefit limits vary greatly across different insurance providers as well as plans themselves, Extended Health packages usually cover ambulance transportation, eye-treatment, hospital room upgrades, medical appliances purchase/rental, private duty nursing, hearing aids, diabetic supplies, etc.

In order to find out exactly what are the benefits in a plan of your interest, you can always read the Policy Wording or contact our Insurance Advisors to learn more!

Q: Are there any coverage upgrades for Extended Health Insurance?
A: Yes! If you’d like to add an extra layer of financial security to your insurance policy you can add optional coverage to your policy!

In most cases, additional coverage includes Prescription Drugs with various coverage levels, Dental Insurance, Travel Insurance as well as other benefits such as Hospital Cash.

If you have already purchased a plan and wish to add more coverage to it, you can do so by contacting our Insurance Advisors!

Q: Does my coverage change if I move to another province in Canada?
A: Yes, since most of the available Extended Health Insurance packages are based around provincial insurance regulations, when you move to another province or territory in Canada your plan will be reevaluated.

As a result, you may need to pay additional premium or receive a refund depending on the current policy regulations in your province of residence.

Q: When will my health insurance be in effect once I enroll?
A: Your policy will begin upon the effective date you have selected at the time of enrollment. However, there are certain waiting period that may be associated with specific benefits included in your policy.

Waiting period could range from 3 months to 2 years depending on your insurance policy as well as the circumstances, under which you obtained it. In order to learn more details about specific waiting periods, please read the Policy Wording for the plan of your interest or contact our Insurance Advisors.

Q: Is Extended Health Insurance insurance tax deductible?
A: Yes! In order to claim your personal health insurance expenses, please make sure that they have been deducted from your own pay and not from your employer.

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When I was looking to get a suitable policy I had absolutely no clue what to choose based on market value for personal health coverage, but advisors at Arbetov made it straightforward what are the main things to consider in my case. Very efficient service and easy to digest answers concerning policy conditions. Keep up the good work!
Lucas M.
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