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Last updated on February 13th, 2020



International Experience Canada (IEC) is an ideal way for young people to visit and work in Canada. It is an amazing opportunity to obtain valuable work experience, meet new people and explore this beautiful country!


In order to obtain the IEC visa the applicants must present a proof of insurance coverage for the duration of their stay at the Canadian border upon arrival. Insurance policy should be available for review by the point of entry officer and be valid at all times during your stay in Canada. Be advised that canceling your policy breaks the IEC rules and may lead to the termination of your visa.


If you are looking forward to getting a 2-year IEC / Working Holiday permit, we have several Canadian insurance plans to offer.

IEC / Working Holiday travel health insurance for 2 years from Canadian insurance providers consists of 2 policies for 365 days of consecutive insurance coverage each, giving you a peace of mind since you will be covered for the whole duration of your stay without having to worry about extending your policy!

IEC Travel Insurance Benefits:

– Medical Care
– Hospital Accommodation
– Repatriation / Emergency Home Return
– Ground and Air Ambulance
– Emergency Dental Repair
– Prescription Drugs
– Non-competitive Sports Injuries
– Dental Pain Relief
– Laboratory Diagnostics
– Accidental Death & Dismemberment
– Services of a Medical Specialist i.e. chiropractor, surgeon, etc.
– Follow up Visits to Medical Specialists
– Services of a Registered Nurse
– Burial / Cremation
– Rental or Purchase of Medical Appliances

Trips to other countries are also covered with your IEC health insurance as long as you are not visiting your country of origin nor any other one, where you are eligible for a Government healthcare. Note that to be eligible for Side Trips Benefit you MUST remain in Canada for certain amount of time depending on a plan you choose.

Please, note that each IEC/working Holiday travel insurance plan has its own features. Above is the summary of health benefits that are included in all the plans offered.

In order to learn more about a specific IEC Travel Insurance Plan, please proceed with a following link – IEC/Working Holiday Insurance | Online Quotes


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