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Last updated on July 14th, 2020

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Doesn’t my provincial health insurance plan cover all my health care needs? Millions of Canadians who don’t have an employer sponsored group plans might be asking the same questions. Here is some brief information on the Health care system in Canada.

Canadian health care system consists of multiple tiers. The first thing that comes to mind is Government Health Care. It is funded through general tax revenue and in some provinces by means of collecting monthly premiums. This plan covers medical care and hospitalization in a broader sense. Some important elements of what we think is medical coverage are missing from your provincial plans.


Group Medical Insurance Plans


Even though Government health care provides basic coverage, some important elements are missing.

This leads us to the next options- Employer Sponsored Group Medical Plans. Those plans are typically provided through your employer and is a taxable benefit to you. Coverage specifics vary, but most common type of coverage offered through group plans are extended health and dental.

You can visit our website to find more information about group benefit plans.

Group Medical Insurance Plans


Individual Health and Dental plans


Let’s find out who would benefit the most of having an extended health and dental insurance plans.

Self- employed and small business owners

You can get your employees and yourself a comprehensive coverage. Remember that premiums that you pay are tax deductible


Your work group plan doesn’t always follow you in retirement. Make sure you retain all the protection you need by enrolling in an individual health plan.

Individuals with specific health care needs

If you require specific coverage which is not offered through either work or provincial health plan you can obtain it through an extended health and dental plan

Most companies offer basic health care plans for emergencies and well as more premier plans which include coverage for prescription drugs and travel.


Dental Insurance Plans in Canada:


You can apply for dental coverage only if that is what you are looking for. Benefits will accumulate over years, giving you greater coverage after second or third year. Some companies include basic extended health benefits with their dental plans.

Go for premium Dental Plans if you require extensive services as well as crowns, bridges and dentures.

Dental Insurance Calculator

Extended Health Plans in Canada:


Supplementary health benefits usually include some or all of the following categories.

– Vision Care
– Accidental Death/Dismemberment benefit
– Home care/Nursing
– Medical Appliances
– Hearing Aids
– Ambulance Services
– Accidental Dental
– Prescription Drugs Coverage
– Travel Insurance up to $1,000,000
– Specialists/Therapists- health care practitioners such as chiropodist and chiropractor.

Health Insurance Calculator


How to Apply?


Arbetov Insurance allows you to compare quotes from the largest Canadian Insurers and find the optimal solution to your insurance needs. We’ve gone through the policy wordings and compiled the comparison tables that are easy to understand. 

We are committed to offering products that continue to meet the emerging healthcare needs of Canadians, and to providing excellent customer service. Our unique health and dental insurance products are specifically designed to fill the gaps left in provincial health plans.

You can speak online with one of our Insurance Advisors. We can help you select the coverage you need at the price you can afford!

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