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Last updated on March 21st, 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by endless Canada visitor insurance options? Fear not! Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Manulife, a trusted name in the world of insurance and a top choice for many residents and visitors!

Clients often ask us how to select the right visitors to Canada insurance plan among all the companies we work with. The selection is vast and if you are unfamiliar with a particular company, it is not an easy task to decide.

Some prefer to go with a familiar name, a company with a long-standing reputation, others go with the least expensive choice and many look at what benefits the plan offers.

We decided to highlight all the companies we work with and tell you a bit more about each and one of them. The company we are introducing today is Manulife.

Why choose Manulife?

Manulife Financial, a very recognizable brand, is a leading international financial services group that operates primarily as John Hancock in the United States and Manulife elsewhere.

With their head office located in Toronto, ON they provide financial advice, wealth management services and insurance solutions for individuals, groups and institutions.

At Arbetov Insurance and Wealth Management we have been proudly working with Manulife and offering their products such as travel insurance, visitors to Canada and super visa plans, health and dental and critical illness policies for over a decade.

Here are the top reasons why Manulife is often the best plan and why you should consider them if you are looking to get medical coverage as a returning Canadian, a new immigrant, a visitor or a parent/grandparent coming here on a Super Visa.

Why Manulife Stands Out:

Manulife Financial has been around for over 130 years, starting with life insurance and later expanding their financial services to travel, visitor, and Super Visa insurance plans. Trustworthy experience you can count on!

They have one of the best visitors’ plans on the market, as far as coverage goes, and some of the extra benefits make it stand out among other comparable policies.

  • Age Isn’t a Barrier: While other coverage providers might turn away older applicants, Manulife often covers folks over 80 at reasonable rates. Grandparents visiting? Problem solved!
  • Pre-Existing Conditions? Stable pre-existing conditions covered up to age 85? That’s rare! Conditions have to be stable for 180 days before the effective date and there is a medical questionnaire to fill, however this allows many older visitors to have insurance in place and be covered in case of an emergency, that otherwise would have no options at all.
  • Top-Notch Coverage: No cap on emergency follow-up visits whatsoever! Typically, this add-on benefit is limited to $1000-$3000 per policy or is completely excluded by other insurers.
  • Unlimited Prescription Meds: Manulife’s visitors to Canada plans offer unlimited prescriptions, as long as the drugs are prescribed in an emergency by a physician or a dentist and they do not exceed the policy limit.
  • Flexible and Risk-Free: Change your mind? Get a full refund before the effective date, no questions asked.
  • Pregnancy Coverage? Manulife covers pregnancy complications up to 31 weeks, unlike most companies that exclude it entirely. Peace of mind for expecting visitors!

More specifically, Manulife’s visitors to Canada insurance pregnancy complications coverage is valid up to 31 weeks, while most other companies completely exclude anything related to pregnancy.

Even though this coverage is very limited and excludes anything routine, the delivery and the child, it still protects the expectant mother from sudden emergencies such as bleeding, miscarriage and some other issues if they happen outside of the nine weeks before the estimated due date.

Details can be found in the policy wording and should be discussed with your agent to make sure they are understood and the client is aware of what is covered and what is not.

It is really not surprising that Manulife has been recognized by Forbes as one of the World’s Best Insurance Companies in 2023. With superb customer service, great policies and a long history, they are very often the top choice for people looking to have coverage from a brand they know and can easily trust.

How to get a quote for Manulife insurance?

Want to explore Manulife plans, compare them to others, and find the perfect fit for your needs? Use our FREE Canada Visitor Insurance Calculator!

Enter a few details and voila! Personalized recommendations, clear comparisons, and instant quotes, all in one place.

Ready to ditch the confusion and find your ideal Canada visitor insurance? Head over to our calculator now and see why Manulife might be your perfect match! Remember, with the right coverage, you can explore Canada with confidence and focus on making memories, not medical bills.

P.S. Have questions about Manulife or other plans? We’re here to help! Give us a call at 1-877-211-4301 or contact us directly via live chat or email. Your Canadian insurance journey starts here!
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