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Manulife Financial: Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance

Manulife Plan A Insurance Calculator

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End Date In New Immigrants/Returning Canadians/Foreign Workers mode, the End Date is set automatically to the minimum amount of days required for the specific province you choose. If you would like to manually set your End Date, please select IEC/Tourist/Visitor/Working Holiday mode.
If you have a stable existing medical condition, such as a damaged or sick organ, select Yes. If you do not have an existing medical condition, select No. Conditions that are not stable are not covered. Also, some specific conditions, such as heart disease, may not be covered. Please read this company's full coverage details to determine what pre-existing conditions are covered by this company. Pre-Existing Conditions
Pre-existing/2nd person

Manulife: Visitors to Canada Insurance

Summary of Benefits: Plans A & B

Eligible For Super Visa, Visitors, New Immigrants, Foreign Workers, Returning Canadians and IEC / Working Holiday.
Coverage Amount $15,000 / $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,000 / $150,000
Accidental Dental Repair $4,000
Dental Pain Relief Up to $300
Childcare Expenses Up to $300
Pregnancy Complications Coverage Within sum insured
Meals and Accommodation $150 a day up to $1,500
Paramedical Services of chiropractor, osteopath, etc. Up to $70 per visit / $700 maximum
Bedside Companion Transportation Up to $3,000
Bedside Companion Accommodation Up to $500
Private Duty Nurse Within sum insured
Follow Up Treatment Covered until a physician declares an end of emergency
Prescription Drugs Within sum insured
Hospitalization Within sum insured
Emergency Medical Care Within sum insured
Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Ray Within sum insured
Ambulance and Transportation Services Within sum insured
Return of Deceased $3,000
Funeral Up to $6,000
Cremation Up to $3,000
Repatriation / Emergency Return Home Economy Class ticket or Air Ambulance
Rental or Purchase of Medical Appliances Within sum insured
24-hour Travel Assistance Center
Trip Brakes and Side-Trips for Visitors to Canada

Trip-Breaks Benefit:

Trips brakes are available for Visitors to Canada, who would like to visit their home country without breaking the insurance coverage provided by Manulife. Please note that Manulife does not cover medical care costs incurred in your country of origin. In order to be eligible for a Trip Break benefit you have to contact Manulife Assistance Center prior to visiting the country of permanent residence.

Side-Trips Benefit:

Side-trips benefits are also available for Visitors to Canada as Manulife covers medical care costs for emergencies all around the world, except for your country of origin and any other territory, where you are or can become eligible for a government health care plan. To qualify for and receive the Side-Trips benefits you MUST physically remain in Canada for more than 50% of time set on your policy period.

Policy Wording:

Policy Wording represents a medical plan description, which provides you with a detailed information about the coverage, exclusions, limitations, premium refunds and more. Please read this policy carefully before you continue with the purchase.

Click to view – Manulife Financial | Policy Wording.

Eligibility Requirements:

You are NOT eligible to receive medical emergency coverage from Manulife if:

– Age limit is not met. You are not yet 30 days or over 85 years old.
– Your physician advised you not to travel.
– You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 2 years to live.
– You have a kidney condition that requires dialysis.
– You have used home oxygen during the last 12 months (before the application date).
– You have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia.
– You reside in a nursing home, home for the aged, other long term care facility or rehabilitation center.
– You require assistance with activities of daily living.

There are two medical emergency insurance plans available from Manulife Financial:

• Plan A: excludes coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions.
– Family coverage is only available for Plan A, when all family members are under 60 years old.

• Plan B: provides comprehensive coverage for pre-existing medical conditions that have been stable for the last 180 days prior to the effective date.


Waiting Period:

Waiting Period does not apply to any individuals, who have purchased their policies BEFORE arriving in Canada and adjusted the Effective Date to their actual arrival date in Canada.

Waiting Period applies to any individuals, who purchase Manulife insurance policy after their arrival in Canada, unless it is an interrupted continuation of insurance coverage with Manulife:

– 48-hour period immediately following and including the effective date.

Important Notice: Expenses related to any sickness that manifests itself during the waiting period, excluding physical injury treatments, are not covered under this insurance plan, even if the costs are incurred after the waiting period has ended..

Exclusion: Waiting periods are waived for physical injuries sustained during the period of insurance coverage.

A complete set of Coverage Exclusions and Eligibility Requirements are outlined in a policy document for Visitors to Canada medical care plan by Manulife – Policy Wording.

Premium Refunds:

Note that no refunds request are approved in case there are any claims initiated, pending or paid for with Visitors to Canada medical emergency insurance from Manulife Financial.

Request a Full Refund if:
– An insurance plan from Manulife is cancelled any time before the effective date.
– Super Visa is not granted. A satisfactory proof of Super Visa rejection from IRCC is required.

Request a Partial Refund if:
– Early Departure – return to your country of origin before the expiry date on your Manulife insurance policy. This particular refund is calculated from the day you have returned home.
– You become eligible for a Provincial medical insurance plan, while your Manulife policy is still active. Once you receive your government coverage, partial refund will be calculated starting from its effective date.

Minimum premium refund amount is $25. Refunds that are less than the minimum amount will not be issued.

Important Notice: Please note that in case you have a Super Visa, for which you have purchased an insurance policy for the duration of 365 days, and are requesting a partial refund due to Early Departure from Canada and:

1) No claim has been reported, paid or denied,
– Unused insurance premiums can be refunded when you request a refund and provide a satisfactory proof of return to home country / departure from Canada such as a copy of a boarding pass.

2) Reported a claim or have a payable claim, for which the insurer has not issued a payment, or the total amount of all reported and eligible claim expenses does not exceed the deductible amount on your insurance policy,
– You may apply to have such claim withdrawn and, subject to insurer’s approval, the unused premium may be refunded (less a processing fee of $300 per claim deducted from the refund amount).

3) Claim has been denied or paid,
– Premium refunds are not available.

Requests to cancel your policy must be received within 60 days following the date of you return home (along with proof of your departure from Canada). The insurer WILL NOT back-date a cancellation to a date more than 60 days prior to the date cancellation request was received.

If the cancellation request is received more than 30 days from the date you returned to home country, the insurer will require a copy of every passport page (for each person insured) to verify that insured people did not visit Canada between the date of departure from Canada and the date cancellation request was received.

Please read the section on Premium Refunds that can be found in the Policy Wording.

In order to request a refund, please contact one of our Insurance Advisors.

Pregnancy Complications Coverage:

Limited pregnancy insurance coverage is provided ONLY up to the 31st week of pregnancy,or in the 9 weeks BEFORE the expected delivery date, for the following complications:

– Premature birth
– Bleedings
– Abdominal pain
– Miscarriage

Important Notice: Pregnancy complications coverage is provided by both Plan A and Plan B offered by Manulife Financial. It comes as a supplementary feature to the standard package of medical emergency benefits.

Making a Claim with Manulife:

If it happens to be a medical emergency, you or someone on your behalf MUST notify the insurance company prior to making a claim in order to have it covered.

Manulife Assistance Center is available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

– Toll-Free – 1.877.878.0142 (within USA and Canada)
– Collect – 1.519.251.5166 (worldwide)

In order to proceed with a claim you need to do the following:

– Complete a Claim Form that either sent to you or you were told where to get it by Assistance Centre Representative, unless it is a Direct Billing, and attach all original medical receipts for treatment and prescription medication.
– Send the form with your receipts to the following address:

Manulife Financial Travel Insurance
c/o Active Care Management
P.O. Box 1237 Stn. A
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 6P8

Please note that the above information is only a summarized version of the insurance benefits and conditions detailed in the official Policy Wording issued by Manulife Financial.
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