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Last updated on November 5th, 2021

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). (CDC via AP)

Dear clients and customers,

In light of recent events, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we receive lots of questions whether the virus itself and related medical conditions are covered by private medical emergency insurance, especially for people visiting and staying in Canada including both existing and new policies.

As many of us are concerned about our personal and our families’ well-being, we would like to clarify what coronavirus pandemic means for insurance coverage in Canada.

That is why, we have compiled a list of insurance companies we work with and where they currently stand when it comes to Covid-19 coverage for Visitors to Canada.

Please note that this information is valid as of today but might change frequently since insurance companies update their rules according to the most recent government advisories on coronavirus situation.

Manulife Insurance:

– In case you purchased your Manulife Visitors to Canada policy prior to March 16, 2020:
COVID-19 and related conditions are covered for if you are in Canada or planning to enter Canada in the future. If you are booked to arrive in Canada after March 16, 2020 you must meet the Canadian Government criteria to enter the country.

– In case you purchased your Manulife Visitors to Canada policy on or after March 16, 2020 and it is prior to your arrival in Canada:
COVID-19 and related conditions are covered upon your arrival, provided you have met the Canadian Government criteria to enter Canada.

– In case you purchased your Manulife Visitors to Canada policy on or after March 30, 2020 and you are already in Canada:
COVID-19 and related conditions are covered EVEN IF were insured with any other insurance provider within the 30 days prior to purchasing Manulife’s Visitors to Canada policy.


Destination Canada Insurance:

At present, your Destination Canada: Visitors to Canada coverage is still valid for COVID-19 related illnesses if you purchase your policy prior to March 19th, 2020.

As of the latest update on March 30th, 2020, if you are already in Canada or coming in the future, COVID-19 and any related medical conditions ARE covered, provided you were not aware of any exposure to COVID-19, even if you were insured with any other insurance provider during the past 30 days.

Please also note that COVID-19 coverage is NOT available for any Side-Trips outside of Canada for policies that are currently active (have an Effective Date between March 13, 2020 – October 20, 2021).

Additionally, for Destination Canada’s Visitors insurance policies purchased on or after October 1, 2021 (with an Effective date October 21, 2021 and onwards), coverage for COVID-19 related emergency healthcare during Side-Trips outside Canada is included ONLY for fully vaccinated travelers due to the most recent travel advisory.

In case you purchase a Family Plan for people with mixed vaccination status, COVID-19 Side-Trip coverage will not be available for those unvaccinated until the travel advisory is lifted and appropriate policy changes are made.

Lastly, COVID-19 related medical emergency coverage is excluded from all cruise itineraries because of “avoid all travel” advisory.

Click to view – Government of Canada Travel Advisory


Tugo Insurance:

As of July 8, 2020, coverage for COVID-19 WILL BE provided by TuGo for Visitors to Canada and International Student Insurance Plans.

If you have purchased you policy prior to April 3, then, if you are eligible for the policy and are not experiencing symptoms of coronavirus or any other sickness upon arrival in Canada, coverage for COVID-19 is still included in Tugo’s insurance. Please note that it is still subject to all terms and conditions of the policy similarly to any other medical condition.

In case you bought your Visitors to Canada or International Student policy after April 3, but before July 8, then coverage for any COVID-19 related medical needs is not included.


Allianz Global Assistance Insurance:

Allianz Global Assistance will cover claims related to COVID-19 under Visitors Insurance policies including insurance for International Students and Inpatriates to Canada plan.

Similar to eligibility for any other covered medical condition, you must fulfill the following requirements:

– Remain eligible to enter and remain in Canada
– Do not travel outside of Canada while an “avoid all travel” or “avoid non-essential travel advisories are in effect.
– Meet eligibility requirements for Visitors to Canada inclusive of the International Student and Inpatriates Plan insurance policies issued by Allianz Global Assistance.
– Have not been experiencing COVID-19 or any other symptoms upon policy’s effective date.

All claims are subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of Visitors to Canada and International Student insurance policies issued by Allianz Global Assistance.


Travelance Insurance:

As of April 6, 2020, Travelance has stated that their Visitors to Canada medical emergency insurance policies provide coverage for COVID-19 related medical treatment under the following circumstances:

– Emergency medical coverage for visitors and temporary residents of Canada is available up to the plan limit you purchase, provided you meet standard eligibility requirements for coverage and did not exhibit symptoms COVID-19 symptoms prior to the start date of your insurance.

– If you already have a policy and begin experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, and a physician attending to you orders COVID-19 test as part of the diagnostic process, then this test would be covered under Travelance’s policies for Visitors to Canada. However, COVID-19 testing outside of an emergency medical situation is not covered, which includes tests being requested or performed to rule-out the virus as part of a screening process.


INGLE Assurance:

INGLE Assurance has issued an official statement that their Visitors to Canada insurance policy provides coverage for losses related to COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus.

You will find more specific provisions concerning COVID-19 coverage below:

– In case you are insured under INGLE’s policy, you are covered for losses related to COVID-19 so long as you were not infected prior to the starting date of your coverage. With Visitors policy, it will not be cancelled because of the Canadian travel advisory related to COVID-19.

– In case you wish to remain in Canada while covered under INGLE’s policy instead of returning to your home country, INGLE will extend your coverage, provided you meet standard eligibility criteria associated with policy extension.

– In case you are not insured and wish to purchase the policy after your arrival in Canada, INGLE will approve coverage at their discretion.

Please note that medical emergency treatment costs related to COVID-19 may be covered as long as you were not infected prior to purchasing the policy.

In addition to fairly flexible COVID-19 coverage conditions, INGLE is also reducing the rates for certain ages on the Super Visa plan that excludes pre-existing medical conditions coverage.


GMS Insurance:

As of May 6, 2021 GMS stated that they WILL provide coverage for COVID-19 related medical emergencies for policies purchased ON or AFTER May 6, 2021. In addition, previously purchased policies that are are in effect on May 6, 2021 onwards will also include COVID coverage after May 6, 2021.

On October 22, 2021 GMS has announced that they will resume coverage for short side-trips outside Canada for their Immigrants & Visitors to Canada insurance plans. However, GMS will not provide any coverage in a country, where an “avoid all” and “avoid non-essential” travel advisories are in place.


21 Century Insurance:

As of March 17, 2020, 21 Century advised that the following changes will apply to Visitors to Canada and Super Visa insurance coverage:

– In case you bought 21 Century’s Visitors to Canada insurance policy BEFORE March 17, 2020, you will remain covered for eligible services related to COVID-19 regardless of when you enter Canada.

– In case you bought 21 Century’s Visitors to Canada insurance policy ON or AFTER March 17, 2020 and BEFORE your arrival in Canada, you will be covered for eligible services resulting from COVID-19 and related conditions.

– In case you bought 21 Century’s Visitors to Canada insurance policy BEFORE, ON or AFTER March 30, 2020 and you are already in Canada, you are covered for eligible medical costs associated with emergency treatment of COVID-19 related conditions, even if you were insured with any other insurance provider within 30 days immediately prior to purchasing this policy.

– COVID-19 coverage is excluded for any Side Trip outside of Canada since March 5, 2020.
Please note that you are required to meet official requirements of the Government of Canada to enter and remain in Canada.


We will be updating this list when new changes come into effect. In case you have not bought a policy with us yet, keep an eye on this document or contact our Insurance Advisors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here for you during this confusing and difficult time and our agents are working extra hours to be able to assist you with any inquiries or purchases.

As we navigate through these unprecedented events, please be patient with us if we take a little longer to respond, as we are facing a large volume of calls and emails. You can speak with one of our agents by connecting with us through our online chat on our website.

Arbetov Insurance team.

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