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Allianz Global Assistance: Visitors to Canada Insurance


Summary of Benefits:


Eligible For Super Visa, Visitors, New Immigrants, Foreign Workers, Returning Canadians and IEC / Working Holiday.
Coverage Amount $10,000 / $25,000 / $100,000 / $150,000
Repatriation / Emergency Return Home Up to $3,000
Accidental Dental Repair $4,000
Dental Pain Relief Up to $500
Follow Up Treatment Up to sum insured
Physiotherapist $500
Prescription Medication Up to $1,000 for 1 month supply
Transportation of Family/Friend Up to $3,000
Attendant Up to $500
Out-of-pocket Expenses Up to $1,500
Services of chiropractor, osteopath, etc. $500 per category
Bedside Companion Up to $3,000
Return of Deceased Up to $10,000
Cremation/Funeral Up to $4,000
Hospitalization Up to sum insured
Emergency Medical Care Up to sum insured
Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Ray Up to sum insured
Medical Coverage on Your Flight to Canada Up to sum insured
Ambulance and Transportation Services Up to sum insured
Registered Nurse Services Up to $10,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Up to sum insured
Rental of Medical Appliances Covered
24-hour Travel Assistance Center Available


Trip Breaks Benefit:

Please note that with Allianz Global Assistance you do not have to cancel your medical insurance if you are going home for a little while. Your policy will remain active and valid for further entries to Canada before it expires. However, medical costs that are incurred in your country of origin will not be covered.


Side-Trips Benefit:

You can be eligible for medical emergencies coverage with Allianz Global Assistance while travelling around the globe. Under Side-Trips Benefit, the company will only cover medical expenses for emergencies that happen outside Canada or your country of origin. In order to qualify for you MUST spend more than 50% of your policy period time in Canada.


Policy Wording:

For a comprehensive list of health benefits, eligibility requirements and coverage exclusions, please carefully read a detailed plan description – Policy Wording.


Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for coverage, as of the Effective Date, a person must be at least 15 days old and not more than 89 years old. Additionally, all applicants must not be eligible for or insured with any provincial insurance plan in Canada as well as be in good state of health at the time of purchasing the policy and the date of departure from the country of origin / permanent residence.

Coverage is NOT AVAILABLE to any individual who, as of their effective date:

– Has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
– Has been diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 cancer, cancer of the lung, liver, pancreas, or bone; or has received treatment for any cancer (other than basal or squamous cell skin cancer or breast cancer treated only with hormone therapy) in the past 3 months.
– Requires assistance with daily living activities.


Waiting Period:

No waiting period if an Allianz Global Assistance Insurance Policy is purchased prior to your departure from a country of origin or before the expiry date of an existing medical care plan with Allianz Global Assistance.

Any individual will be a subject to a 48-hour waiting period, if:

a) The policy is purchased after the expiry date of an existing Allianz Global Assistance policy.
b) The policy is purchased after you exit your country of origin.

Important Notice: Expenses related to any sickness that manifests itself during the waiting period are not covered under this insurance plan, even if the costs are incurred after the waiting period has ended.

Please, read the corresponding sections on Eligibility and Waiting Periods in the following document – Policy Wording.


Premium Refunds:

Please note that there will be no refund issued, if a claim has been initiated, is pending or is paid for.

Full Refunds will be available for individuals, who:

– Cancel their Allianz Global Assistance insurance policies within the first 10 days of purchase before the effective date.
– Cancel their entire trip to Canada before the effective date. However, Cancellation fee may apply.
– Have received a refusal for the Super Visa.

Partial Refunds are issued to individuals, who:

– Cancel their insurance policy due to early departure to country of their origin without any intention of coming back to Canada.
– Become eligible for and covered by any Provincial Health Insurance Plan in Canada.

Partial refunds are based on daily insurance premiums and a number of days left on the policy before the expiration date. Cancellation fee may apply.

Refund amounts less than the minimum premium ($20) will not be issued.

Please refer to Allianz Global Assistance plan description’s section on Premium Refunds – Policy Wording.

In order to request a refund, please contact one of our Insurance Advisors.


Making a Claim with Allianz Global Assistance:

If there is a medical emergency, you or someone on your behalf has to notify Allianz Global Assistance Emergency Assistance Center immediately, if it is possible, or within the first 24 hours of hospital admission. Failure to contact Allianz Global Assistance, with no solid reason, will reduce the payable insurance benefits by 20%.

Allianz Global Assistance Emergency Assistance Center is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Toll-Free – 1.800.995.1662 (Canada & USA)
– Toll-Free – 00-800-842-08420 / + 800-842-08420 (Worldwide)
– Collect – 416-340-0049 (Worldwide)

In order to file a claim you will need to:

– Fill out a Claim Form and attach all original medical receipts for treatment and prescription medication.
– Send the form with your receipts to 2100-250 Yonge Street, Toronto ON, Canada M5B 2L7

Note that claim must be reported within the first 30 days and it must be filed within 90 days of occurrence. Please read the Policy Wording in order to find out more about claim process.

Click to View – Allianz Global Assistance | Policy Wording


Allianz Global Assistance: Inpatriates to Canada

For Visitors to Canada 69 years old and younger, Allianz Global Assistance offers “Inpatriates to Canada” plan that covers one regular physical and vision examination per year as well as some vaccinations. More importantly, Inpatriates to Canada health care policy provides Maternity Benefits covering up to 80% of all eligible expenses that are related to pregnancy including delivery and pre-natal care for a maximum of $10,000.

Click to view – Allianz Global Assistance: Inpatriates | Plan Description

Allianz Global Assistance: Inpatriates to Canada

Fill out an application form for Allianz Global Assistance: Inpatriates to Canada plan and receive your benefits today!

Please note that the above information is only a summarized version of the insurance benefits and conditions detailed in the official Policy Wording issued by the Allianz Global Assistance.