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Medical Insurance for Immigrants & Visitors to Canada

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END DATE In New Immigrants/Returning Canadians/Foreign Workers mode, the End Date is set automatically to the minimum amount of days required for the specific province you choose. If you would like to manually set your End Date, please select IEC/Tourist/Visitor/Working Holiday mode.
Pre-existing 1 person If you have a stable existing medical condition, such as a damaged or sick organ, select Yes. If you do not have an existing medical condition, select No. Conditions that are not stable are not covered. Also, some specific conditions, such as heart disease, may not be covered. Please read this company's full coverage details to determine what pre-existing conditions are covered by this company.
Pre-existing 2 person

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Summary of Benefits
Eligibility Requirements
How to Get a Refund
How to Make a Claim

COVID-19 Notice: Please stay up to date with the latest policy changes concerning COVID-19 coverage and eligibility requirements by using the following link – COVID-19 Insurance Updates
Summary of Benefits
Coverage Limit
Eligible For
Super Visa, Visitors, New Immigrants, Foreign Workers, Returning Canadians and IEC / Working Holiday
Coverage Amounts
$10,000 / $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,000 / $150,000 / $200,000
Emergency Hospitalization
Emergency Medical Assistance
Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Rays
Up to $10,000
Prescription Medications
30-day supply / Up to $5,000
Local Ambulance Services
Up to $5,000
Private Duty Nurse
Up to $10,000
Rental or Purchase of Medical Appliances
Up to $5,000
Services of chiropractor, osteopath, chiropodist, osteopath and physiotherapist.
50% of the cost / Up to $1,000
Dental Injury Treatment
Up to $1,000
Out-of-pocket Expenses
Up to $100 while hospitalized
Meals and Accommodation
$100 a day / Up to $1,500
Emergency Return Home
Up to $25,000
Repatriation / Cremation / Burial
Up to $5,000
Return of Travelling Dependents
Up to $2,000 for insured dependents
Escort of Travelling Dependents
Up to $1,000 for a caregiver to accompany insured dependents home
Bedside Companion Transportation
Up to $2,000
Changing the Effective Date:
Please note that you can request us to change the Effective Date on your insurance policy prior to the start date of your coverage (before the Effective Date indicated on the policy confirmation letter) at no charge at all.

However, once the policy is in effect, in case you request policy start date change after the Effective Date on your policy confirmation commences, INGLE will charge $50 per such date change.

Important: INGLE will be unable to change the Effective Date on your insurance policy if your request comes 2 or more months after your coverage begins.

With Trip-Break feature, you can take short trips outside Canada without having to terminate your coverage. It allows you to travel back home for a short visit while your medical insurance policy is in effect. Please note that costs incurred outside Canada are not covered under this insurance policy.
Optional Sports Coverage:
With INGLE Assurance coverage for Visitors to Canada, you have an option to include additional medical emergency coverage for injuries resulting from participating in certain sport activities. In order to review such option, please contact our Insurance Advisors for more information.
Waiting Period:
Please note that Waiting Period of 5 days for medical emergency treatment of sicknesses or injuries will only apply to insurance polices that are purchased:

– After the expiry date of an existing medical insurance coverage with INGLE Assurance; or
– After you exit your country of residence (after your trip to Canada begins).

Important Notice: Expenses related to treatment of any medical emergency that originates during the waiting period are NOT covered under this insurance policy, even if the costs are incurred after the waiting period has ended.

INGLE Assurance offers deductible on a per policy basis. With per policy deductible amount, you only have to pay the deductible amount in full once per insured trip regardless of how many claims you may have during your covered stay in Canada.
Policy Wording:
Policy Wording is an official plan description issued by the INGLE Assurance that provides detailed information about covered benefits, policy exclusions, coverage limitations, premium refunds and much more. Please review this policy carefully before you continue with the purchase.

Click on the following link to download INGLE Assurance | Policy Wording – English.

Eligibility Requirements
You are eligible for the medical emergency insurance coverage under INGLE Assurance’s policy, provided that you meet the following conditions upon the Effective Date of your coverage:

– You are at least 15 days old and 89 years old or under.
– You are not eligible for and/or insured with any Government Health Insurance Plan in Canada.
– You are currently in good health and have no reason to seek medical assistance during your stay in Canada.
– You are not residing in a nursing facility (including rest home, convalescent home, rehabilitation centre or home for the aged unless you receive a prior approval from the insurance company).

Pre-existing Medical Conditions Coverage:
In addition to offering you one of the most competitively priced insurance packages on the market, INGLE Assurance provides comprehensive coverage for eligible pre-existing medical conditions, if you select that option. In order to include the coverage for such pre-existing medical conditions, you will have to complete an application form with a medical underwriting, receive an approval from INGLE and pay required premium.

Period of Stability:
Eligible pre-existing medical conditions have to be stable for at least 90 to 365 days (depending on medical conditions to be covered) immediately prior to the effective date of your policy with INGLE Assurance. Any condition that was not stable at any time during 1 year immediately before the effective date will not be covered, unless you have paid the additional premium required to reduce the Period of Stability.

Important Notice: Certain limitations apply to stable pre-existing medical conditions coverage. Period of Stability for Heart, Stroke, Cancer and Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) related pre-existing medical conditions is always 365 days immediately prior to the Effective Date of your insurance policy.

Please note that in case you have any pre-existing medical conditions whether stable or not and you do not complete medical declaration and pay additional premium at the moment of application, coverage will exclude emergency treatment for any medical conditions and/or symptoms that existed on or prior to to the start date of your insurance policy.

Diabetes Clause:
In case you have been previously diagnosed with diabetes, treatment for cardiovascular or cerebrovascular conditions is not covered unless you have disclosed your complete medical history, submitted it for underwriting approval and obtained an endorsement issued by INGLE Assurance.

In order to review policy limitations, pre-existing conditions coverage exclusions, period of stability definition, eligibility requirements and waiting period terms, please see the Policy Wording.

Click to view – INGLE Assurance | Policy Wording – English