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21 Century: Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance

21st Century Insurance Calculator

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End Date In New Immigrants/Returning Canadians/Foreign Workers mode, the End Date is set automatically to the minimum amount of days required for the specific province you choose. If you would like to manually set your End Date, please select IEC/Tourist/Visitor/Working Holiday mode.
If you have a stable existing medical condition, such as a damaged or sick organ, select Yes. If you do not have an existing medical condition, select No. Conditions that are not stable are not covered. Also, some specific conditions, such as heart disease, may not be covered. Please read this company's full coverage details to determine what pre-existing conditions are covered by this company. Pre-Existing Conditions
Pre-existing/2nd person

21 Century: Visitors to Canada Insurance

Summary of Benefits:

Eligible For Super Visa, Visitors, New Immigrants, Foreign Workers, Returning Canadians and IEC / Working Holiday.
Coverage Amount $10,000 / $15,000 / $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,000 / $150,000
Hospitalization Up to sum insured
Emergency Medical Care Up to sum insured
Services of a Physician Up to sum insured
Registered Nurse Services Up $5,000
Side-Trips Outside Canada Up to sum insured
Medical Appliances Rental Up to $5,000
Pregnancy Complications Coverage Up to sum insured
Licensed Home Caregiver Up to $5,000
Uninterrupted Flights (in and from Canada) Up to sum insured
Services of Health-care Practitioner i.e. osteopath, chiropractor, etc. Up to $1,000 combined
Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Ray Up to $1,500
Ambulance Transportation Up to sum insured
Prescription Medications Up to $500 / 30-day supply
Return of Remains / Cremation / Burial Up to $7,500
Repatriation Economy Class ticket or Air Ambulance
Emergency Dental Repair Up to $4,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Up to $10,000
Double Dismemberment Up to $10,000
Single Dismemberment Up to $5,000
24-hour Emergency Assistant Center

Trip-Breaks Benefit:

Trip-Brakes Benefit is only available to Super Visa holders, who decided to visit their home country, intending to come back to Canada without cancelling insurance coverage provided by the 21 Century.

Side-Trips Benefit:

Please note that in order to be found eligible for Side-Trips insurance benefit, you MUST NOT exceed a total of 30 days outside Canada within single year (365 days), except your country of origin, in which, medical care cost are not covered by 21 Century at all. You must also physically remain or plan to remain in Canada for 51% of your insurance coverage period.

Travel to Canada & Back Home Coverage:

With a 21 Century’s Visitors to Canada medical emergency insurance policy will cover uninterrupted flight (including stop-over / connecting flight, if you are not leaving the airport) on your way to Canada. The coverage is provided, if your arrival and effective dates are the same, and the policy expires by the time you land in your country of origin or permanent residence, provided that the expiry date and the date you land back home match.


Unlike other Canadian medical insurance providers, 21 Century has per policy deductible, which does not require you to pay the set amount of deductible in case of any claim you make other than the first one.

Policy Wording:

Policy Wording is an official document issued by the 21 Century, outlining and explaining your coverage benefits, eligibility requirements, exclusions and limitations applicable to your insurance as well as instructions on how to request a refund and submit a claim.

Read this document carefully before you purchase the product in order to clarify any confusions you might have in regards to the medical emergency coverage 21 Century provides for Visitors to Canada.

Click to download – 21 Century | Policy Wording

Eligibility Requirements:

You are not eligible for coverage with the 21 Century’s policy in case:

– You have been advised not to travel by a physician.
– You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 2 (two) years to live.
– You have been diagnosed with lung, liver, brain, pancreatic; any other type of metastatic cancer in the last 2 (two) years.
– You have been using home oxygen during the 12 months period (before the date you apply for coverage).
– You have had / waiting for a bone marrow or organ transplant (excluding corneal transplant).
– You have a kidney condition that requires dialysis.
– You reside in a care/nursing home or rehabilitation facilities.


Age and Coverage Period Restrictions:

If you are under 85 years old, 21 Century will provide you with a medical emergency coverage up to 365 days (1 year).

However, in case you are 86 or older, you are only allowed to purchase 21 Century medical care coverage for the first 180 days (6 months) starting from your arrival date to Canada. Unfortunately, no further coverage will be available to you until you return to your home country.


Waiting Period:

Waiting Period is NOT applicable to anyone, who have purchased and/or activated (monthly payment plan) 21 Century insurance before coming to Canada and adjusted the Effective date to the actual arrival date or has extended the policy coverage with no gap.

Waiting Period applies due to the following:

– Policy is purchased / activated after the Date of Arrival in Canada.
– Policy is purchased / activated before or after arrival in Canada and insured person failed to notify us when they have actually arrived, unless the arrival date matches the effective date of the insurance policy.
– Insured person requests to change the deductible amount, sum insured and/or add or exclude Stable Pre-existing Conditions Coverage, if renewing the policy with no gap in coverage.

Waiting Periods:

– 72 hours – The insurance policy is purchased / activated within the first 30 days after your arrival in Canada.
– 7 days – You buy / activate the policy after the first 30 days of your arrival in Canada.
– 15 days – You are age 86 or over and you purchase / activate your insurance plan with 21 Century after your arrival date.

Important Notice: Expenses related to any sickness that manifests itself during the waiting period are not covered under this insurance plan, even if the costs are incurred after the waiting period has ended.

In case you have stayed in Canada for a while being covered under an insurance plan from another company, and you are buying 21 Century emergency health care coverage, you are allowed to request to have the waiting period negotiated.

Please note that a complete list of Eligibility Requirements and Waiting Periods can be found in a 21 Century | Policy Wording.

Super Visa Insurance: Monthly Payment Plan

The 21 Century Monthly Payment policy fully satisfies the Super Visa requirement for the proof of medical emergency insurance set by the Canadian Government (CIC).

In order to buy the 21 Century Monthly Payment insurance for Super Visa, you will need to complete an application form (link is below) with some basic personal information of the person to be insured. Once it is done, our Insurance Advisors will contact you and send you the Pre-Authorized Monthly Payment form for you to fill out. This form is used by the 21 Century to collect monthly payments for your insurance coverage.

When you are purchasing the Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plan from the 21 Century, you will be paying 2 (two) monthly insurance premiums (out of 12 premiums total for 1 year) plus a $50 policy administration fee. The 2 (two) monthly insurance premiums are accepted by the 21 Century as a security deposit and cover the LAST 2 (two) actual months of the insurance period.

As you might not be sure of the exact arrival date until the government makes its decision regarding the Super Visa, you should NOT activate the policy right away, unless the person to be insured is in Canada.

If the person to be insured is already in Canada, then the insurance MUST be activated at the moment of purchase and the payment will be 3 (three) monthly premiums, which cover the first and the last two months of the insurance coverage period.

The Effective Date and Arrival Date on the policy should match the date you are indicating as your “intended” arrival date on your visa application, provided that the person to be insured is not in Canada at that moment.

Leave the insurance policy in a “Pending” status until the visa decision is reached. No further action is required until the government approves or rejects your application.

Apply for Monthly Payment Option


Monthly Payment Plan: Activation

Once the Super Visa is approved, contact us to pay your third monthly premium in order to Activate your insurance policy and set the Effective Date for the insurance coverage to begin once the actual arrival date has been determined. The 3rd (third) monthly premium is used to cover the first actual month the Super Visa holder is in Canada.

Important Notice: You must contact us to activate the insurance policy at least 3-5 business days PRIOR to your arrival in Canada. Failure to activate your policy before the Super Visa holder comes to Canada results in no insurance coverage upon arrival; your coverage will not begin until you pay the 3rd (third) premium installment and your policy will have a certain waiting period (see Policy Wording) once it is finally activated. Claims will not be approved on a Pending policy that has not been properly activated.

For a complete explanation of how Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payment Plan by 21 Century works, please refer to the following document.

Click to download – 21 Century | Monthly Plan Explanation


Super Visa Insurance: Monthly Plan Activation

Click on the button and fill out an application form to activate your Monthly Plan for Super Visa insurance.


Monthly Payment Plan: Cancellations and Refunds:

Cancellations are permitted if the Super Visa application is refused by CIC or for early departures with a cancellation fee of $25 per policy.

– For refused visas, you have to provide a copy of the refusal letter; the deposit premium is refunded, but the 21 Century retains the $50 policy administration fee.
– For early departures, you will need to provide a copy of the boarding pass proving return to your country of origin.

Any full unused monthly premiums you have paid are refundable. If you are insured for any part of a month, that month becomes non-refundable. If you leave any time within the first two months, the 21 Century will retain the first two months as a minimum premium, but any other payments you have made will be refunded.

Premium Refunds:

All refunds and cancellations are a subject to $25 policy administration fee.

You can request a Full Refund of the insurance premium in case:

– You have applied for Super Visa, and it was rejected.

All other requests for premium refunds due to not travelling to Canada should be submitted for approval by 21 Century office.

Requests for Partial Refunds are only issued, if:

– You return to your country of origin before the insurance policy expires.
– You become eligible to receive health care insured under the Provincial Medical Plan.

If you are applying for a Partial Refund and:

– Have a claim that has been paid or has been reported but not yet paid.
– The total amount of all reported eligible expenses will not exceed the Deductible Amount.

You may apply to have such claim(s) withdrawn, subject to a file handling fee of $250 per claim.

Once these claims have been withdrawn in order to apply for a premium refund, no further expenses for your medical care will be accepted for consideration, regardless of the date the expense was incurred. Moreover, the file handling fee will be deducted from any amount to be refunded.

In order to request a Premium Refund, please contact our Insurance Advisors.

Please read the Refund to see a complete set of requirements – 21 Century | Policy Wording

Making a Claim with 21 Century:

In case of a medical emergency, you or someone on your behalf has to notify Assistance Center prior to making a claim, if it is possible. Failure to contact 21 Century will reduce the payable insurance premiums by 20%, which you will have pay out of pocket to a medical specialist or a facility you have received medical treatment at.

If you are admitted to a hospital and it was medically impossible for you to contact 21 Century due to your condition, there will be no penalty.

21 Century Assistance Centre is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Toll-Free – 1.877.882.2957 (within Canada & USA)
– Collect – 1.519.251.7856 (Canada)

In order to file a claim you will need to submit the following:

– Complete Claim Form;
– Policy Number;
– Proof of all travel dates (airplane ticket, passport or visa);
– Original itemized medical receipts, bills and invoices;
– Proof of payment, in case you have paid for the claim;
– Complete medical and hospital records;
– If it was a motor vehicle accident, submit a copy of a police report;
– If a claim is made under Accidental Death & Dismemberment, you need to submit:
a) Police, autopsy or coroner’s report;
b) Medical Records;
c) Death Certificate;

Click to Download – 21 Century | Claim Form

Please note that the above information is only a summarized version of the insurance benefits and conditions detailed in the official Policy Wording issued by the 21 Century.
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