Manulife Financial is among the leaders of financial and insurance services in Canada, which has been operating for more than 125 years!

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Over the years, Manulife Financial grew its customer network of several million people around the globe, who enjoy the benefits of being protected from the costs of their personal health-care and other financial needs.

Manulife offers a huge package of options for Visitors to Canada including medical emergency coverage for Super Visa, IEC/Working Holiday, Tourists, New Immigrants, Temporary Foreign Workers, International Students as well as for Canadians returning from abroad.

super visa insurance

Manulife: Super Visa Insurance

Manulife offers a great deal of Super Visa insurance plans that provide very comprehensive medical emergency coverage available for Super Visa applicants coming to reunite with their families in Canada.

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visitors to Canada insurance

Manulife: Visitors to Canada Insurance

Tourists and other people visiting Canada, who are not eligible for a provincial health insurance, can opt for a Visitors to Canada insurance plan offered by Manulife in order to avoid paying for an emergency health care services during their stay.

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iec / working holiday insurance

Manulife: Visitors to Canada Insurance

As International Experience Canada (IEC/Working Holiday/Work Visa Canada) participants, you can now insure yourself with an IEC travel health insurance policy by Manulife.

IEC travel insurance plan from Manulife will be an ideal choice to satisfy your program’s requirement and more specifically cover your emergency medical care, repatriation as well as hospitalization and much more.

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travel insurance

Manulife: Travel Insurance for Canadians

Are you a Canadian Resident going on a vacation or a business trip and looking for a comprehensive travel insurance coverage? You can stop searching right here as Travel Insurance offered by Manulife will protect you and your finances from the medical emergency treatment costs anywhere you go!

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new immigrants insurance

Manulife: New Immigrants Insurance

Travelling to Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick or Quebec as a New Immigrant?

Medical Emergency Insurance from Manulife will provide you with a comprehensive benefits package to protect you and your money against the costly medical treatment you may need, while awaiting your government health care card within the mentioned Canadian provinces.

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foreign workers insurance

Manulife: Foreign Workers Insurance

Manulife Health Insurance for Foreign Workers in Canada will take care of the costs for an immediate medical assistance you may require.

If you are not eligible to receive Government Medical Insurance coverage or reside in British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario or New Brunswick, where an approximately 90-day waiting period for a Government Health Insurance Plan will apply, opting for a Foreign Workers Insurance policy from Manulife will be a smart choice to make.

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returning canadians insurance

Manulife: Returning Canadians Insurance

If you are a Canadian Citizen of a Permanent Resident travelling back home from a long trip, you may apply for an Emergency Health Insurance policy for Returning Canadians provided by Manulife.

Returning Canadians health insurance from Manulife will cover the immediate medical needs you may have while your government health insurance plan in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia or New Brunswick is not active.

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Health & Dental Insurance

Manulife: Health & Dental Insurance

As you may already know, Manulife is among the biggest Health and Dental Insurance providers across Canada. An extended health and dental insurance for Canadian Residents offered by Manulife would be an ideal choice for those, who care about their own well-being.

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insurance for international students

Manulife: International Students Insurance

As an International Student coming to Canada to enjoy your best years and receive a decent education, you may be so excited, forgetting about your own safety. With a travel health insurance for International Students in Canada by Manulife, you will not have to worry about paying for a necessary medical treatment, if you ever need it during your studies.

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insurance for canadian students

Manulife: Insurance for Canadian Students

If you are a Canadian resident and wish to travel to another province in Canada or abroad in order to study, you are very welcome to learn about the benefits offered by a travel health insurance for Canadian Students with Manulife, which will ensure your personal and financial safety while you are pursuing your degree.

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pregnancy insurance

Manulife: Pregnancy Complications Insurance

Manulife offers a unique deal for pregnant people, who are coming to Canada to take care of the costs for the pregnancy complications such as bleedings, abdominal pain, miscarriage, premature birth and much more.

Such pregnancy coverage is valid up to the 31st week of pregnancy and, unfortunately, does not include delivery or prenatal care.

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