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Last updated on February 13th, 2020


TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators offer affordable medical coverage for IEC/ Working Holiday and Super Visa Applicants, Visitors, or Immigrants to Canada. If you are planning to come for a visit or you are waiting for your provincial coverage, TIC is a way to go! You can get covered for up to $150,000 for each person insured.

Working Holiday applicants can get comprehensive coverage up to 2 years, or until provincial coverage kicks in!


In addition to the coverage of pre existing conditions, TIC is the only company that covers you on your flight to Canada!

Let’s see how TIC stacks up against their competitors:

Description of benefits                                                                           TIC                              Other companies

Emergency Dental

$ 4,000 2000
Relief of Dental pain $ 500 300
Prescription drugs $ 1,000 500
Services of registered nurse $ 10,000 5,000
Repatriation $ 10,000 5,000
Physiotherapist $ 500 400
Accommodation & meals $ 1,500 100
Transportation of Family Member $ 3,000 2000
Emergency Return Home $ 3,000 2000
Cremation or Burial $ 4,000 2000
Follow up Treatment $ 5,000 3000
Coverage of your flight to Canada $ 100,000 No coverage

This information is correct as of Mar 8th, 2014.

Special features of TIC

For Visitors to Canada 69 years and under TIC offers a new “Inpatriates to Canada” policy, which covers one Physical Examination per year, one Eye Examination per year and some Vaccinations, as well as some coverage for Maternity. Please call us or email for more information!

Save money (up to 30%) with TIC flexible deductible options: $75, $500, $1,000, $2500, $5000. All medical expenses are usually billed directly to TIC, so there’s no need to worry! Just make sure you notify your insurance representative before filing a claim.


A word of advice!

It is highly recommended to make sure that you get as much coverage as you can. I came across a person who had a dental emergency claim for $3,700 and her insurance company only covered $2,000. So, she ended up paying $1,700 out of her pocket.

To avoid situations like that it is important that you know exactly what your benefits are. At $4,000, TIC offers the highest amount of dental coverage so you know you can sleep tight, and your expenses will be taken care of.

To find out more about your coverage visit: TIC Coverage & Benefits. For more information on your eligibility contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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