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The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Insurance
Pregnancy - Visitors to Canada insurance

People are sometimes faced with a dilemma of coming to Canada and having to wonder what exactly are they covered for under their insurance policy. Things such as pregnancy coverage could be buried tens of pages of the daunting policy wordings of insurance companies.

At Arbetov Insurance we would like to uncover all the secrets and reveal the options available for people, who need pregnancy coverage.


Pregnancy Insurance for Visitors to Canada:

Having a baby is a wonderful thing, and if you decide on delivering during your visit to Canada, we have a solution for you! There is one insurance plan that covers up to 80% of the cost for prenatal care, delivery, and nursing care for a maximum of $10,000. Newborns at 15 days of age can also be covered upon approval.

Under this policy you are also covered for vaccinations, one physical examination per year, and one eye examination.

Be advised that to be eligible for this policy the expected delivery date must be more than 10 months after the effective date.


Pregnancy Insurance for International Students:

To make you student life more comfortable, several Canadian insurance companies came up with comprehensive plans that reflect the needs of the people, who came to study in Canada. Student health insurance plans offer competitive rates with increased medical coverage and a number of benefits that make them more attractive than regular Visitors plans as International Students can get covered for up to $2,000,000!

One of the benefits of being covered under student plan is the Pregnancy Insurance for up to $20,000.

International Students in Canada insurance plans also include one medical examination and one eye examination per year, as well as tuition reimbursement of up to $5,000.

In order to qualify and enroll in any International Student Health Insurance Plan you will need to be a full time student with a proof of admission into a recognized learning institution.

Please, note that to be eligible for Pregnancy Insurance Benefits your pregnancy must commence after the effective date of your insurance policy.


Limited Pregnancy Coverage

Several Canadian insurance companies offer a limited coverage for pregnancy related emergencies. Such Pregnancy Complications Coverage is only available for up to the 31st weeks of your pregnancy. However, unlike previously discussed insurance plans, they exclude routine prenatal care, delivery and complications that occur 9 weeks before the due date.

If you are already pregnant by the time you have decided to apply for the Canadian Pregnancy Insurance Coverage, this limited maternity complications supplement will be the right thing to opt for in order to secure your finances from the costs of an immediate medical treatment.


A Word of Advice

During this time, you may also want to connect to community programs that provide support during pregnancy. These programs can direct you to pregnancy information, nurses, dietitians, as well as prenatal programs and groups for pregnant women.

Just find a Community Health Center in the area you are planning to move to!


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