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Last updated on February 4th, 2020


TIC is a travel insurance company that has been around for more than 50 years and specializes in Visitors to Canada and Super Visa insurance. For more information on your eligibility to be a visitor in Canada you should contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada (cic.gc.ca).

Every person visiting Canada is strongly advised to be covered by an insurance plan. Whether you are a student or a parent visiting your children, you might need to present a valid insurance policy to the immigration office. This was designed so that people are taken care of in case of an emergency or sickness during their stay in Canada. In this case all your unwanted expenses are covered by an insurance company. Remember that to be eligible for Super Visa you need to provide a proof of insurance coverage of $100,000 for at least 1 year!

TIC offers a variety of flexible insurance plans, as well as providing coverage for pre existing conditions. You can decrease your insurance plan cost by choosing a higher deductible (amount that you pay before the insurance company). All medical expenses are usually billed directly to TIC, so there’s no need to worry! Just make sure you notify your insurance representative before filing a claim.

TIC is the only company that covers you while on a flight to Canada!

Other important benefits include:

Accidental Death

EmergencyHospital & Transportation

Accidental Dental

Dental Emergency

Emergency Return Home

Meals & Accommodation


Also included:

Lab Tests and X rays – if ordered by a physician in case of an emergency

Use of ambulance

Semi PrivateHospital accommodations

Prescription drugs

Services of chiropractor osteopath, podiatrist, acupuncturist


TIC provides its clients with impeccable customer service and is ready to help you out in any life situation. Visitors under the age of 69 can also inquire about the inpatriate plan from TIC, which includes one physical examination a year and one eye examination, as well as supplemental maternity benefits of up to $10,000.

To find out more about your options and coverage please visit arbetovinsurance.com/tic. We also provide you with a comprehensive calculator and easy online solutions to purchase your insurance plan. You can also visit our website supervisabestinsurance.com for more information on rates and policies.

To understand your insurance policy better you should always check the policy wording for exclusions, conditions, and limitations.

It is sometimes challenging to make sense of what kind of insurance you need. But don’t worry, we are here to help! At Arbetov Insurance we can provide you with personalized care and help you choose the best coverage. We work with all insurance companies across Canada and can give you competitive rates for insurance that fit you personally.

Use our rate calculator to find the best quotes and save time by purchasing online: arbetovinsurance.com. You can also call our office if you have any questions at  1-877-211-4301


Have a nice trip to Canada!

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