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Last updated on July 14th, 2020

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Employers have a selection of group health and dental benefits for any small business with 3 to 25 employees at a cost 30% lower than the average market price.

Employees are the foundation of any successful business. Each business owner has his best interest in creating a cohesive team with a creative and thorough approach to problem solving. In order to engage employees, the business operator needs to find effective rewards and incentive programs. One of those programs is employee health and dental protection plans.

Health benefits help attract and retain qualified specialists, lower the turnover rates, and improve overall productivity. It is not a secret, that adding a comprehensive health and dental benefits plan to the package is equivalent to the annual salary raise of $10,000!

Employee motivation has a direct effect of productivity and effectiveness. Motivated employees who feel appreciated tend to stay loyal to one employer which in turn lowers the turnover rates. Lower turnover rates translate into savings in hiring and training efforts of new employees.

A sense of protection is one of the fundamentals in human hierarchy of needs. A comprehensive health benefit package can address the need of feeling protected and cared for, thus raising employee morale. Group health benefits include extended health care, dental care, disability and critical illness protection, accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

It might be hard to navigate the vast variety of group insurance products available on the market. A wide range of prices and lack of comparative examples of coverage leaves potential buyers confused. They need to keep in mind a wide array of variables makes the choice more complicated.

Arbetov Insurance and Wealth Management Inc found a unique approach to the selection process. We present to you an interactive calculator that will help you pick the optimal selection of group benefits that satisfies your interests as well as those of your employees’.

It will take only a few minutes to weigh out all options with the help of the calculator. Its intuitive interface and built-in hints make this process simple and accessible.

The website is easy to navigate, but should you have any questions, our associates are happy to assist you with understanding the terms as well as filling out the application forms.

To see group health benefits available – check our Group Insurance Calculator.

An employer chooses the premium coverage and can either partially allocate payments to employees or pay the premiums in full. Premiums are tax-deductible as business expenses. The benefit plans presented in the calculator are specifically designed for tax reduction. The benefit is not taxable to employees.

There is flexibility: once the basic package is in place you can select additional benefits on top of existing ones.

If you are not offered extended health benefits at work, we invite you to share with them the link to our website to familiarize them with the calculator. It is very rare to have group benefits quotes available prior to sale in Canada.

Also, you are welcome to share the calculator on your website by copying the code accessible by the public. The calculator can be used in all provinces in Canada except Quebec and New Brunswick.

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