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Last updated on January 17th, 2020

Explore best travel destinations of 2016:


Had enough of following the crowd to the same old holiday-travel destinations? We thought so!

We’ve searched through mountains of data to shed some light on what tourist destinations are becoming increasingly popular among Canadians. The result? The five places around the world that we think, are the hottest spots to visit this year.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
If we were to describe Brazil in three words, it would be hot, beautiful and fun. Rio has been a crowd-pleaser for years with its carnivals, exotic food and magnificent nature making this country a truly global hotspot for Canadian travelers in the upcoming years. Tours through the favelas of Rio and trips to the Amazon will show you just how diverse tourism there can be. Looking for luxury? There are plenty of new high-end hotels, restaurants, lounges and night-clubs for you to enjoy!

2. Masaya, Nicaragua
Looking for something more exotic than Thailand? Get a touch of Mother-Nature while receiving the royal treatment in Masaya, Nicaragua. This Central American destination is the perfect place to discover volcanoes, cloud forests, gorgeous sunny beaches and amazing architecture. New luxury resorts are giving its visitors a place to rest their weary heads and truly enjoy the vacation.

3. Seoul, South Korea
The growing Canadian appetite for Korean culture has brought a lot more tourists from Canada to Seoul in recent time than ever before. Also, the global popularity of Korean cuisine attracts a lot of Canadian holidaymakers seeking to feast on authentic and unbelievably delicious food. Plenty of hotels to stay in, places to visit and people to meet will without a doubt make you love this place without breaking your bank.

4. Taipei, Taiwan
Looking to spend your vacay in Southeast Asia away from the honeymooning couples and backpackers? Taipei could be just the ticket and not an expensive one. With its breath-taking landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine, it’s about time this small island destination got the attention it deserves. Surprise yourself and paint your holiday in a new color!

5. Mykonos, Greece
When it comes to celebrity appeal, Mykonos is where you can see plenty of it. International movie and music industry stars have turned this small Greek island into a new Ibiza, where travelers looking to party in luxury can also enjoy historical legacy of one of the oldest known civilizations. Gorgeous beach resorts, modern hotels and incredible food will not leave you disappointed in choosing to vacation in Mykonos!

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