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Good news! Cruise ships are set to return to multiple Canadian ports in the upcoming months – first time since the pandemic started way back in 2020.

This will be still accompanied by specific COVID-19 protocols and special rules.

When the pandemic started, cruise ships became epidemic hot spots. A lot of passengers were stuck on ships without being able to disembark and required to isolate- sometimes for months. A lot of international ports were denying the passengers to leave the ships for the fear of the infection spreading.

Earlier last year there were attempts to reestablish cruise lines by the tourism industry, but repeated outbreaks put a dent in this effort. Some ships failed to launch trips in the summer. But since the governments around the world started to lift pandemic restrictions, accompanied by the high vaccination rates across the board, a lot of travelers are willing to start planning their cruise trips again.

Here is the rundown on how this reopening is going to go.


Which cruise lines are available for Canadians?

Starting April 6 in Victoria, Canadians will welcome back Princess Cruises’ Caribbean Princess for the first time since October 2019. It will also be the first cruise line to reopen since March 2020.

There will be more than a hundred ships in Victoria, with estimated 780,000 passengers taking the trips.

Another line resuming their operations- Victoria Cruise Lines with their Great Lakes Cruise Line – starting in 2023.

Halifax will be welcoming 152 cruise ships.


Are there any special restrictions or rules?

Canada is removing its coronavirus testing requirements for travelers who have received full vaccination course, which also applies to travelers who are coming by sea.

Cruise lines must make sure that their passengers are fully vaccinated to be able to board the ship and to disembark. If the requirements are not met, then those passengers will not be able to set foot in Canada. This certainly might change due to the still developing situation as new variants of COVID are appearing. The authorities said that Canadian border measures will remain flexible and adapt to the situation at the time to keep Canadians safe.


Should you take precautions when traveling?

According to the Government of Canada, despite some restrictions that are being lifted, traveling with a cruise company does come with certain risks.

There might be a quarantine requirement either aboard the ship or upon arrival to your destination. Cost of medical care or accommodations required for quarantine can be quite expensive.

So, it’s important to have travel insurance as the provincial coverage doesn’t cover everything.

Even if it’s not technically required anymore, it’s still a good practice to follow distancing guidelines and it’s a good idea to wear a mask in public places.


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Photo by Matthew Barra from Pexels

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