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Last updated on October 20th, 2023

It was announced that all the Covid 19 measures are to be dropped, which will mean no masks on planes and trains, and that the travelers will not have to provide proof that they have been vaccinated when crossing the border into Canada.

Here is a full list of measures no longer necessary as of Oct 1

  • Submit public health information through the ArriveCAN app or website;
  • Provide proof of vaccination;
  • Undergo pre- or on-arrival testing;
  • Carry out COVID-19-related quarantine or isolation;
  • Monitor and report if they develop signs or symptoms of COVID-19 upon arriving to Canada;
  • Undergo health checks for travel on air and rail;
  • Or wear masks on planes and trains.

According to the Ministry of Health this has to do with the limited impact of travel on the spread and evolution of the virus in Canada. All the hurdles that the Canadian health care is continuing to face is due mostly to domestic transmission of the disease. 

Passengers of cruise ships will not have to do pre boarding tests, be vaccinated or use Arrive Can. 

This move is met with a lot of support with the representatives of border cities, as the restrictions put a lot of economic burden on them, which many think to be unnecessary. 

Some think that the damage has already been done as many travelers chose to spend their time elsewhere instead of visiting Canada and contributing to local economies. 

Health ministry stated that the restrictions could be reintroduced at any point if needed to protect Canadians and in response to the ever changing situation. 

According to Canada’s deputy chief health officer, it is still recommended to wear masks on planes and trains. It is still considered a very effective form of protection of oneself and others. 

The ArriveCan app can still be of some use to travelers and they can use it to fill out customs declaration in advance at major airports. This includes Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal with further plans to expand this to include Calgary, WEdmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Quebec City, Halifax and the Billy Bishop airport in Toronto. 

Canada Border Services Agency is looking to expand ArriveCan app functionality by adding more useful features, such as adding current border wait times.

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