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Last updated on February 4th, 2020

Many consider Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Super Visa as a blessing from up above. This is because Canadian Immigration authorities promise simpler documentary requirements and shorter application times for this visa type, as compared to the regular visa which may take years to be approved. But then, we all know that there are some things that may be too good to be true. Thus, in this article, let’s talk about the actual experience of super visa applicants in the past year.

Processing Time
Decisions on Super Visa applications are usually released 40 working days after all requirements are fulfilled. This is true for a vast majority of applicants. However, there are some Canadian embassies and consulates that may even take up to 70 working days to process your application. Moreover, these embassies and consulates are usually under-staffed, so much so that processing times may even be longer.
For example, an applicant in Islamabad, Pakistan said she applied on March 21, 2012, but her medical request was issued only on the 25th of July, or about five months later. The applicant said that the visa office was busy with a large number of student visa applications, hence the extreme delay.
Another applicant sent his father’s Super Visa application on May 17th, received a medical request on July 31st, and is still waiting for the final decision as of press time.
Meanwhile, another applicant in the same visa office sent her documents on May 14 and received her visa on the July 25th, which fits relatively well into CIC’s promised time frame.

Many applicants also mentioned that the key requirements for the Super Visa are:
•    Super Visa Insurance (medical insurance)
•    Income requirement (sponsor)
•    Invitation and undertaking to support
•    Visitor’s personal wealth and income
•    Visitor’s ties to home country

Moreover, they also pointed out that the income of both parties (sponsor and visitor) play a vital role in improving their chances of getting approved. This is because persons that belong into a higher income bracket are more likely to be able to take care of themselves during their stay.

Side note: Travel Arrangements
Super Visa applicants also advice against booking flights too early. Since processing times may vary widely, there is a chance that prospective visitors may be able to use these tickets because their visas have not been issued yet. It is advised that you book a flight only after you’ve received your visa, or if the CIC  itself asks you to do so.

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