The Most Suitable Canadian Insurance.

Covers individuals, small business owners, and their families as additional coverage to provincial medical Insurance.
Provides emergency medical coverage for tourists, new immigrants with visas, students, and returning Canadians in cases where they are not covered with a provincial Insurance.
Covers Canadian residents with Visas who are traveling abroad when they have a medical emergency, loss of luggage, sickness or other unexpected events.
Pays one time a lump sum benefit in case of death of insured person(s) to a beneficiary(-ies).
Protection pays a one time payment to an insured person in case of sickness described in the particular CI contract.
Pays monthly to an insured person, who is not able to work for a certain period of time.
Covers an insured person in case of necessity of care.

The major financial assets in financial planning for each family are life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, medical insurance, travel insurance, long term care coverage, and short term care insurance. It protects you from unexpected financial burden.

We help you find the best financial solution for you and your family and provide you with appropriate service to get it working. You can easily buy online from our website products, such as Visitors Canada Insurance Plan (especially for people with pre-existing conditions), Travel Insurance for Canadians, and Dental Health Plans.

We have also included useful resources such as informative articles and interactive Free Insurance Quotes, Free Super Visa Insurance Quotes, Free Visitors To Canada Insurance Quotes, Free International Student Insurance Quotes (free online quotations for Canadian Insurance for any ages and sexes).

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