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With 2021 coming to a close as we continue to navigate through the global coronavirus pandemic, it is only reasonable to ask about the available travel insurance options when it comes to COVID-19.

During these times of uncertainty and confusion, people still travel for business, pleasure or necessity. We often get asked what kind of COVID-19 insurance coverage is included in our travel and visitors to Canada plans.

Below is some of the information about what we offer at a glance.


Vaccine vs No Vaccine Coverage:

Some of the plans sold by Arbetov Insurance offer a COVID-19 rider that goes along with a travel policy and covers you for $1 million CAD for COVID-19 related medical expenses if you have not received the vaccine.

Alternatively, you can get up to $5 million CAD for treatment you may require when travelling outside of your province or territory of residence due to a medical emergency resulting from Coronavirus (COVID-19) and related complications, provided that you have received the vaccine.

More specifically, vaccine refers to a complete immunization course for Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is sanctioned and authorized by Health Canada.

All vaccines must be administered according to the manufacturer’s recommendation at an approved vaccination site before the effective date of your insurance policy. Once your vaccination is complete, you need to wait a certain period of time for the vaccine to reach its peak effectiveness before you set off on your trip. Said time period may vary depending on either manufacturer’s recommendations or as directed by your local Public Health office.


Please note that if you have not received the vaccine, this insurance does not provide any coverage for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and related complications on a cruise or at any destination included in your cruise itinerary.

These benefits also do not cover the cost of COVID-19 tests that are mandated by any body with appropriate authority (such as a government or a transportation service) for entry into or exit from a country/jurisdiction or to use its services.


Stand Alone COVID-19 Insurance Coverage:

We also offer a stand alone COVID-19 plan that can be purchased in addition to the travel plan, as well as separately.

This plan offers coverage for specific losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances related to COVID-19 only. It also includes automatic coverage extension in case of hospitalization due to coronavirus or quarantine. This policy covers hospital accommodation, medical treatment, services of a physician, drugs, out of pocket expenses and transportation to a hospital if you are diagnosed with Covid-19.

In the event of death, the plan will cover up to $5000 for preparation and transportation of the body to the province of your residence.

We recommend purchasing it along with the Emergency Hospital and Medical Plan, as well as Cancellation/Interruption coverage to make sure you get the most coverage available. The latter will offer reimbursement for all prepaid insured travel arrangements if you become ill due to Covid-19 before your departure date from your province and need to cancel the trip as a result.


Other COVID-19 Insurance Options:

If you or someone you know is visiting Canada we have plenty of options to cover you for COVID-19 while you stay in Canada, provided you do not have any symptoms prior to your arrival or the effective date on the policy. These plans are also great for newcomers and returning Canadians who await their provincial coverage, as well as spouses of Canadian citizens or permanent residents being sponsored but do not yet qualify for MSP, OHIP or RAMQ and other provincial plans.

Coverage ranges from $10,000 to $300,000 and is included in our regular visitors to Canada plans. Benefits include hospitalization, medical treatment, drugs and services of a physician. Our International Students in Canada plans also include coverage for Covid-19 expenses.

Because we work with the majority of insurance companies in Canada, we have access to various different plans and options for our clients and are able to offer the best and most up to date coverage, at very competitive rates.

Many of the plans depend on travel advisories in the places of your destination so make sure to check before you embark on your trip. You can also check our list of COVID-19 advisories that Canadian insurance companies have for their Visitors to Canada insurance plans – COVID-19 Visitors Insurance Advisory

Feel free to explore our website and check out the options we offer:

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Please contact any of our agents for more information about our plans and the latest updates on COVID-19 coverage. We are always happy to discuss and find the most suitable plan for your needs and budget.

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