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In case you haven’t been following recent news, starting October 21, 2021 the Government of Canada has officially lifted its global advisory to avoid all non-essential travel due to COVID-19.

Even though most insurers do not discriminate based on vaccine status, we advise our clients to review vaccine requirements at their travel destinations. Moreover, there is still an official recommendation by the Government of Canada that unvaccinated individuals should avoid all non-essential travel.

It is worth nothing that COVID-19 is not covered through your provincial coverage or workplace plan while you are travelling. That’s why, it’s in your best interest to speak to an experienced insurance advisor to find a travel insurance plan that suits your needs.

We’ve put together a list of companies and their coverages to help get you started.


Allianz Global Assistance

Coverage for expenses related to COVID-19 is now available under standard plan as long as on the effective date there is no Level 3 or Level 4 travel advisory at the travel destination.

Plan offers the following benefits:

– Emergency Hospital and medical expenses if the person tests positive and requires treatment for COVID-19.
– Trip Cancellation if trip is cancelled prior to departure as a result of COVID-19.
– Trip Interruption if you have to interrupt your trip as a result of getting COVID-19. Includes meals and accommodations if you have to quarantine.

Additionally, you can choose to opt for a stand-alone COVID-19 Insurance and Assistance Plan from Allianz if you prefer.


Destination Canada

As a precautionary measure you can purchase a special rider to cover COVID-19 related expenses. It comes as an addon to a standard travel health insurance plan from Destination Canada.

Standard plan coverage cap that is unrelated to COVID-19 is set to a maximum of $5 million CAD per insured and per trip for treatment you require when travelling outside of your province of residence.

However, when it comes to medical emergencies associated with COVID-19 and vaccination status, you will either be covered for a maximum of $5 million if you have received the vaccine or only $1 million if you have not been vaccinated, provided you include the rider in your purchase.



In response to the pandemic Manulife has introduced its Single-Trip COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan.

This particular plan can help protect you from unexpected emergency medical expenses and includes COVID-19 expenses. Trip interruption benefits are also available. The COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan offers up to $5 million for non-COVID-19 related expenses and up to $1 million for COVID-19 related expenses.

Plus, if you have received the full course of vaccination for Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is authorized by Health Canada before your effective date, you are offered $5 million for expenses related to COVID-19.

Trip-Interruption benefits include:

– Up to $200 per insured person per day for your additional and unplanned commercial hotel and meal expenses to a maximum of $2,800 if you are unexpectedly required to self-isolate or quarantine.
– Family coverage maximum is $400 per insured family per day up to a maximum of $5,600.



GMS offers up to $500,000 portion of its $5 million overall policy limit for necessary expenses associated with treating COVID-19 related medical emergencies during your trip.

If you happen to test positive and require treatment as a result of COVID-19 and/or its complications, GMS has your back! You are still covered if you contract the virus during your trip while an “avoid all non-essential travel” advisory is in place.

Coverage includes all standard travel policy benefits such as hospital accommodation, prescription drugs, nursing and physician’s care as well as necessary diagnostics and tests.

Given the uncertainty, it’s best to stay on top of the recent developments in the travel world. We suggest checking on the Government of Canada travel advisories and stay informed of the health situation at your travel destination.

Finding yourself lacking adequate coverage can be a financial disaster. You can quickly rack up medical bills for hospital stay, ambulance and emergency room services. You might have to adjust your trip or stay longer in the country of your travel due to not being able to return to Canada. Insuring yourself against those risks is absolutely crucial.

Please review COVID-19 requirements for your departure, arrival at the destination and return to Canada. We will keep in touch regarding any updates that affect travel or insurance requirements.

Until then, we are here to help if you have any questions. Please visit our website or give us a call at 604-875-8878.

Feel free to get in touch with our insurance advisors and get a quote here – Travel Insurance

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