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Over the last a year and a half, we’ve all been focused on protecting our families, employees, customers, and communities from the devastating impact of COVID-19.

And while the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped the global insurance market, we continue to strive making sure our clients get the best service and best protection possible!

Now we cannot wait to share the some of the changes to the Destination Canada Visitors to Canada Plan.


Destination Canada Insurance: New Rates

For over 7 years one of our most popular plans has provided trusted protection for visitors to Canada against sudden and unforeseen medical emergencies that also includes COVID-19 coverage.

Moving forward, Destination Canada continues to cover COVID-19 related emergency care in the same way it’s been for the last 18 months.

There won’t be any special terms and conditions related to COVID-19 or new medical questionnaires added to this plan.

Effective October 1st, 2021 premiums on the Destination Canada Visitors insurance plan will be increasing on average 12%. This increase applies to both new and existing policies in case of the extension. The rise in premiums aims to balance out wide-scale economic changes happening throughout the world and the strain put on our national healthcare system.

Along with new rates, there is improved eligibility as well as clarified and simplified policy language.


What to expect from the rate change?

Although rate increase affects customer’s purchasing ability, Destination Canada insurance for Super Visa holders and Visitors to Canada will remain among the most cost-effective coverage options on the market.

Given its top-tier benefit limits, ease of claim-making as well as competitive rates, we foresee that it would still be the “go-to” plan when it comes to temporary medical emergency insurance in Canada for non-residents.

    – Best-in-class benefits
    – Simplified eligibility and no medical questionnaire
    – Coverage for COVID-19
    – Competitive rates

While we remain extremely mindful of the impact that rate increases have on our members, we strive to keep our plans as fairly priced as possible within the reality of today’s healthcare environment to keep providing best-in-class benefits this increase was absolutely necessary.

If you are shopping for an insurance plan for a future visit or already have an active policy that is expiring some time soon, now is a great time to consider getting Destination Canada’s insurance before the rate increase takes place.


Feel free to calculate a personal quote, go over plan details and speak to our insurance advisors by using the following link on our website – Destination Canada Insurance

If you have any questions or need help comparing plans and choosing the best plan for your needs please reach out to one of our agents.

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