Medical Insurance for International Students in Canada


International Student Health Insurance in Canada


If you are travelling to Canada as an International Students, we would like to congratulate you as you are about to enjoy all the perks of the Canadian education system and explore real Canada while studying. It is not only what you learn at school, but there is much more for you to learn about Canada as you live here.

Since you might be really excited about coming to Canada, medical insurance for students in Canada may fall behind. However, it is important for you to look into International Student Health Plans, before you arrive.

As you might know, some credit cards do offer medical coverage, but it could be insufficient in order to protect your money from unexpected medical care needs, if you ever have such while studying in Canada. Although the Canadian healthcare system is one of the best in the world, it is relatively expensive to receive medical attention without proper health insurance coverage. If you take a look at what are the costs for a simple doctors visit, prescription medications or hospitalization, you might not believe your eyes. The expenses could reach thousands of dollars.

There are a great choice of plans available for you to take a look at and decide what is best for your own specific needs. Below are only a few benefits that are provided by the International Student Medical Insurance policies:

Emergency Medical Care

This allows you up to $2 million emergency or non-emergency medical care. This type of coverage is the most important type of coverage you should look for. It covers you up to $1,000,000 for  medical care. It could be used for both emergency and non-emergency medical care.

Other than emergency care, you have all medical types of tests like blood work, prescription drugs, physiotherapy and much more coverage that are usually not covered in Visitors to Canada plans. Health Student Insurance Plans for International guests will normally cover even one regular check-up per year.

Dental Care

It is well worth the time to look for a plan with dental coverage. Dental work is very expensive and if caught in an emergency situation, it could be quite expensive and if it is a emergency situation, it is even more expensive, can be quite expensive.

Accidental Injury or Fatality

There is a coverage available that allows up to $10,000 payout for accidental death or disability.

Tuition Loss Protection

There is compensation up to $5,000 should you become ill and cannot complete your studies to pass the course. Please ask us for more details about this plan.

Other Insurance Benefits

– Eye Examination
– Maternity benefits
– Coverage for eligible spouse and dependent children

This type of insurance medical policy can be purchased up to 120 days prior to the day the coverage starts.

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