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Last updated on August 15th, 2022


Monthly Plan: Effective August 2, 2022 – Please note that only policies that are paid in full will be accepted as a proof of insurance for Super Visa. Monthly Payment plans are no longer accepted by IRCC. Learn More – Monthly Plan No Longer Accepted


Finally decided to apply for a Super Visa, but not sure which insurance policy to obtain due to how expensive they can be? We might have the right thing for you!

As an independent Canadian insurance agency, we are happy to offer you the 21 Century Insurance, which is the only Parent and Grandparent Super Visa (“PG-1”) insurance plan available with a new monthly payment option! Such insurance gives you an incredible payment flexibility of monthly installments rather than a lump sum that may just be too much to be paid all at once.


How it Works

If you have chosen to apply for the 21 Century’s Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plan, your first payment will be 2 monthly premiums + $50 administration fee. This payment is accepted by the 21 Century as a security deposit to cover the LAST 2 months of the actual coverage period. Once your payment is accepted, you will receive the confirmation of your insurance coverage by email right away and can go ahead and apply for the Super Visa with it any time.

Secondly, when the Super Visa is approved and you confirm the exact arrival date of the insured person, you must contact us to activate the insurance policy. At the time of activation request, the 21 Century will require 1 monthly premium to cover the first actual month that the insured person is in Canada.

Please note that in case the Super Visa applicant is in Canada at the time you apply for the insurance policy, then it has to be activated right away and the initial payment will be 3 monthly premiums + $50 administration fee to pay for the first and the last 2 months of the coverage period.

After that, regular monthly payments will be charged by the 21 Century every month on the effective date until the insurance has been paid for in full.

Just click the button below to read a more detailed description of how the 21 Century’s Monthly Payment Plan for Super Visa Insurance works and calculate a personal quote to see the prices.

Super Visa Insurance – Monthly Payment Plan


Frequently Asked Questions

– Where can I purchase Super Visa Insurance plan with Monthly Payment Option?

The policy can be purchased from Arbetov Insurance. You can complete an application form on our website or simply talk to one of our Insurance Advisors over the phone or using an online chat.

– What information do I need at the time of purchase?

You will need to provide personal details such as names, date of birth, address in Canada, each applicant’s health history and current medical condition. They will also need your planned travel dates. As for the payment information, you will be sent a secure link to complete your initial payment.

– How much will I have to pay upfront to enroll in the Monthly Super Visa Insurance plan?

The minimum premium deposit you pay is only the 2 months of the total yearly amount, plus a one time $50 service fee. These payments must be secured with a valid credit card, preferably the one you will use for the payment plan. If the actual travel dates are already confirmed, the policy can be activated immediately.

– What will I receive as proof of my Super Visa Insurance?

You will receive a policy confirmation from your agent which will verify the purchase of the policy. This document should be submitted with your Super visa application.

– How is the policy Activated?

At 21st Century, our system will show your policy as in a “pending” status until the actual dates of travel are confirmed. Once we receive that information, we can activate the coverage the effective the day you arrive in Canada.

– What if the Super Visa is rejected. Can the policy be cancelled and money refunded?

Yes, by all means. We will just require the proof of the refusal and the deposit premium will be refunded back to your credit card. The $50 service fee is non-refundable.

– Can the policy be cancelled, if I leave Canada before the Expiry Date on my Super Visa Insurance policy?

A copy of the boarding pass on the date of departure is required for submission to us. Once we receive it, we will refund the unused portion of the policy period. There will be a service fee depending on the plan, but usually it is only $25 for Early Departure cancellations.

– What if I leave the country for a short visit back home?

No problem visiting home at all. Although your insurance here in Canada will not respond to any type of claim in your home country. Your policy will continue to be in-force and monthly payments will be charged as usual. You can suspend the coverage and reactivate it when you return. If you know you are returning, it may be wise to just leave the policy active without breaking your coverage.

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