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Having a baby is an exciting and life-changing event.

For expectant parents who are citizens and permanent residents of Canada, the country’s robust healthcare system ensured high-quality care during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. It’s important, though, to understand the intricacies of insurance coverage for delivering a baby to have peace of mind. This is especially important for newcomers or visitors to Canada as insurance plays a vital role in managing associated costs.


Delivering a baby for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have active provincial coverage

In Canada citizens and residents are covered by a publicly funded healthcare system, called Medicare. Under Medicare, Canadians and permanent residents can access hospital and physician services without paying out of pocket. Provincial health insurance plans provide coverage for prenatal care, childbirth, and hospital stays related to giving birth.

In Canada, healthcare is managed at the provincial level, resulting in slight variations in coverage across different provinces and territories. However, the fundamental principles of coverage for delivering a baby remain consistent.

Here is the list of everything that is covered by the provincial health care:

  • Provincial health care covers regular prenatal visits as well as ultrasounds and tests prior to birth.
    – You can obtain these services through obstetricians, family doctors or midwives.
  • The cost of giving birth at a hospital, whether public or private, typically covers services from doctors, nurses, and medical equipment.
  • You might be eligible for coverage if you are giving birth at home attended by a registered midwife.
    – Make sure you speak to a representative from your provincial health authority.
  • You are eligible for coverage for postpartum care, follow-up appointments, support with breastfeeding, and mental health services associated with childbirth.


Insurance Considerations for Newcomers and Temporary Residents

If you are a newcomer or temporary resident in Canada, it is essential to understand your healthcare coverage options.

Some provinces provide health coverage to new residents. Others may require you to buy a private health insurance plan before you can get provincial coverage.

Ensuring that you have adequate insurance coverage during pregnancy and childbirth is crucial for managing potential costs effectively.

Important: Allianz has recently discontinued its Inpatriates to Canada plan. That was the most comprehensive plan that covered newcomers and visitors to Canada for their pregnancy costs. While we wait for a substitute plan to come to the market, let’s look at the options available right now.

Manulife Emergency Medical plan covers the costs of emergency health care as well as pregnancy-related complications.

Emergency medical insurance plans may not provide full coverage for all expenses incurred. Certain items or services may be excluded from coverage, or you may be required to pay a part of the expenses yourself. Once you have paid your portion, the insurance policy will then cover the remaining costs, either through direct billing or reimbursement.

Deductibles are a common method used to divide the costs, and we will delve into this approach further below.

Usually, medical emergency insurance plans encompass medical care, hospitalization, and repatriation services as integral components of their coverage.

If you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, it is essential to know the limits of emergency medical insurance coverage. This knowledge can help you prepare for any unexpected medical expenses.

Typically, pregnancies up to 31 weeks have limited coverage for medical treatments. These treatments include bleeding, abdominal pain, miscarriage and premature birth.

However, it’s crucial to note that the emergency medical plan ALSO PROVIDES coverage for unrelated illnesses and injuries under its benefits. If you fail to fulfill this requirement it may result in the loss of coverage. In such cases, the best course of action is to obtain the services of a midwife, pay out of pocket for giving birth at a hospital or return to your country of origin where you might be covered by your country’s medical plan.

You can find the quotes and apply for coverage using the link below:

Manulife Pregnancy Complication Insurance

Canada has a great healthcare system for its residents and citizens. While some provinces offer this coverage for newcomers and visitors, in others newcomers need to look after their own insurance.

It’s important to speak to a team of experienced insurance advisors at Arbetov Insurance so that we can help you select the best insurance plan for your needs.

You can chat with us on our website or give us a call at 1-877-211-4301 toll-free.

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