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Last updated on October 20th, 2023

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for young people all over the world who want to visit to study and work. While it’s very exciting to visit a new country there are many requirements you need to meet to be able to get a Canadian Visa. One of the requirements is obtaining a proper medical insurance specifically for IEC/ Working Holiday Visa purposes.

When looking for a Working Holiday Insurance here are the things that you should consider:

Coverage for medical care, hospitalization and repatriation

Most important aspect as it affects not only your total coverage but the ability to obtain a visa as well. When you meet with a border officer you will be asked to provide proof of insurance and it has to cover medical care, hospitalization and repatriation. Failure to present adequate insurance may result in your visa being denied. Moreover you have to maintain your coverage for the duration of stay- failure to maintain it might result in your visa being revoked.

Coverage for sports

A lot of Working Holiday Visa applicants find employment at ski resorts as instructors and staff. And a majority of young people visit Canada to do winter sports that the country is famous for. If you plan on doing sports make sure that is included in your plan or purchase it as an add on. Most plans come prepackaged with coverage for recreational sports- think regular skiing or biking. If you plan on doing extreme sports – make sure you are covered for that. Be careful – the definition of extreme sports varies from company to company so it’s important to consult an experienced agent before you go ahead with a purchase. If you are doing sports professionally – that might fall outside of the normal coverage range- you would need to seek additional coverage.

Coverage for up to 2 years

One of the main concerns when buying insurance is whether or not it’s adequate to satisfy Working Holiday visa requirements. To be able to get a full 1 or 2 year visa your insurance has to be valid for the duration of stay. We are the only company in Canada and one of the few internationally that actually offer a full 2 year insurance policy. Using it will help you obtain a full 2 year visa to maximize your time and enjoyment of Canada.

Take a look at the broad range of options that we offer. Just select the coverage that you like and apply if a few easy steps. Speak to an advisor in case you have any questions or need help understanding the policy.

Working Holiday Insurance Calculator

Coverage on the flight to Canada

Sometimes you can get sick or injured in transit on your way to Canada. Some plans don’t cover for that so make sure to have it included in your plan. It would be awful to start your adventure in the hospital and be left with hospital bills that your plan doesn’t cover.

Coverage on side trips

Canada is a really nice country but there is so much to see out there in the world. When Working Holiday insurance don’t forget to ask if you are covered on your side trips to other countries. Who knows maybe you will get tired of snowboarding and would like to relax on the beach in Mexico? Bike across Europe or visit Asia for the first time? Your insurance can travel with you providing you with similar coverage as the one you have in Canada. Your typical plan will cover you as long as the majority of your time is spent in Canada.

And in case of longer stays or if you need a top up- check our our International Insurance Options.

Trip break benefit

In case you get home sick, want to visit family on Christmas or there is a family emergency and you need to fly back to your home country? Make sure your policy includes trip break benefit that allows you to travel home without interrupting your coverage. While you are not covered in your home county- you are coverage on the flight or in transit to and from Canada. In case it’s a longer stay – talk to your insurance agent about terminating your plan and repurchasing once you decide to go back to Canada.

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