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Last updated on October 20th, 2023

Immigrating to a new country can be a daunting task. We are here to help you sort out your insurance coverage. Here is a list of the most important aspects of coverage for new immigrants insurance:

Ambulance fees and emergency room stay

This is the main reason people who come to Canada purchase medical insurance. Ambulance fees can run up to several thousand dollars- that’s before you get to the hospital. When you get to the emergency room it’s not uncommon to be charged anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 and more per day. For serious conditions spending several days in emergency is typical – that’s why the suggested amount of coverage is $100,000 minimum for some visa programs.

The rates vary from hospital to hospital so if you want updated information- contact a local institution just to get an idea how expensive emergency medical care can get. Moreover make sure you ask for rates for people without provincial coverage and for non permanent residents/citizens- the rates will almost certainly be higher.

Hospitalization and physician services (surgeries)

The next most expensive thing that your new immigrants insurance covers is coverage for hospitalization. Though not as expensive as emergency room stay it still gives rise to some hefty bills.

Prescription medications

New Immigrants insurance covers the costs of prescription medications if you get sick or injured after your policy starts. There is usually a limit on how much you will be reimbursed for your medications – $500 or up to 30 days supply being the standard one. There are policies though that will cover you up to the sum insured – the upper limit being $150,000. So if that’s something you are interested in- talk to our insurance advisers so that we can set up the right plan for you.

The policy doesn’t cover the costs of maintenance drugs for your stable preexisting conditions. You have two options here- either bring a supply from your home country (make sure you are allowed to bring it to Canada) or purchase an equivalent in Canada. Speak to your family doctor as some prescriptions can be sold under different names in different countries.

Lab Diagnostics and X Ray

Very important benefit that can turn to be quite costly without medical insurance – coverage for diagnostics. This usually entails most procedures required by a treating physician to diagnose a medical emergency to figure out the course of treatment. While there are companies that offer this benefit up to the sum insured, most companies only offer a limited dollar amount for this kind of coverage. If this is something that you think is important- make sure you have this covered up to the maximum amount available.

Specialist services

This benefit is not commonly used but can come in handy if you injure yourself and need to be referred to a specialist such as a chiropractor. If you are unsure if you can use a benefit – contact your insurance claim centre or your insurance agent- we can help you claim the benefits you are entitled to.

Emergency dental care and dental pain

Though private insurance for New Immigrants doesn’t cover routine dental procedures you would still be covered in case you chipped or broke your tooth. This is when coverage for dental emergencies comes into play. Or if you are experiencing dental pain you also have coverage for that- though it is usually limited to a prescribed dollar amount- usually $500. While by no means comprehensive the dental benefits protect you from the worst case scenarios.

Once you receive your provincial coverage you can apply for full dental benefits- find the right coverage using our Dental insurance calculator.

Walk in clinics and outpatient care

While not all people know this- insurance plans for New Immigrants also cover you for your visits to a walk in clinic in case of a medical emergency. So for example if you have flu or fever you could simply go to your local walk in clinic for a check up and be covered.

Please note that some walk in clinics will not be able to work with the insurance company directly but rather on reimbursement basis when you make the payment first and then apply to be reimbursed. It is better to start the claim and submit all receipts in a timely manner to avoid delays in getting your money back.

If you are looking for affordable health insurance for new immigrants to Canada- start with checking out our insurance calculator. If you have questions about benefits or quotes you can speak to one of our insurance advisors- we are here to help!

New Immigrants Insurance Calculator

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