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Last updated on November 9th, 2016

With the value of the Canadian dollar continuing to drop, it doesn’t mean you should cancel your vacation plans. Instead of that, aim for the parts of the world where your currency still has room to stretch and look for travel deals.

1. Iceland

WOW Airlines is launching $99 flights from Canada to Iceland and $149 tickets to Europe, making Iceland one of the most cost effective destinations for Canadians. There can be savings up to 60 percent on travel to these destinations for Canadian/North American travelers this year. Iceland is a great country to explore if you enjoy outdoor adventures. It can also be an interesting stop-over on the way to Europe!

2. Dominican Republic

The cost of travel to Dominican Republic will continue to drop as several airlines increase the number of flights to the most popular resort destination, Puerto Plata. Travel deals to the Dominican have been discounted by almost 40% from Toronto over last year.

3. Poland

Poland is one of the few European countries that hasn’t adopted the Euro yet so it is still a good deal for Canadians. Krakow is often listed as one of the least expensive cities in Europe with 4-star hotel stays starting at $60 per night and meals under $10 per person. Polish airlines often offer flight deals from Toronto.

4. China

Air fares from Toronto and Vancouver to China are expected to hit an all-time low in 2016. Vacation packages are starting to flood the market with prices as low as $700 per person.

5. Brazil

The declining Brazilian real keeps the destination affordable for Canadians. With the summer Olympic Games just months away, Air Canada increased the number of flights to Brazil all year round resulting in lower fares. New hotel inventory was added across Brazil since 2010. Look out for hot deals on rooms after the Olympics.

6. Vietnam

Vietnam continues to offer the top value for the traveler. Whether you’re an urban explorer or a nature lover, Vietnam offers both. Food is remarkably cheap – a meal and a beer may cost you under $3.

7. Indonesia

Asia is one of the best bets for Canadian travelers this year. You can really stretch your travel dollar in Indonesia. It is a very diverse destination in its offerings to the tourist: there is world-class shopping in Jakarta, hiking in Java, and surfing or scuba diving in Bali.

8. Portugal

For Canadians, Portugal is one of the least expensive European countries to fly to. Lisbon is a very lively city with delicious seafood and award-winning wineries. You can avoid the crowds in Porto, known for its unique culinary art. Once a lesser-appreciated destination, Portugal is about to have its moment, so explore it before the word gets out!

9. Peru

Peru offers a great variety of travel experiences: from relaxing on the beach coast to hiking in the vast Amazon jungle or the world famous Machu Picchu. The trip’s price can average out to around$900 without the airfare.

We hope this article helps you choose your next travel destination! So what are you waiting for? with these financially friendly tips, your adventure awaits!

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