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Last updated on July 6th, 2020

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Holiday season is upon us and that usually means it is time for the yearly trip to see your relatives, massive line ups at the airport and you, chasing your toddler down the airplane aisle.

Travelling with little ones can be extremely stressful. The fear, the anxiety and the fatigue can wear you down long before the flight. What to bring, how much to pack, will he sleep, will she scream are just some of the worries that can cross your mind when preparing for a long trip or flight. Keep in mind, many parents do it and in fact survive so it can be done and with a few tips on how to prepare you might even have an enjoyable time away from home.

Try not to start the child on anything new close to the trip time. Sleep and potty training should be postponed until after the trip, as well as weaning the toddler off a pacifier, bottle feeding or even thumb sucking. This could backfire in a big way.

Make sure you are prepared well in advance of the trip and make lists for every member of your family to stay on top of things and make sure you do not leave anything important behind. Separate the list into things that need to go into the luggage and those that have to be easy to reach. This will make your trip a lot less painful.
Bring along extra formula, as it might be hard to find if there is any snag on the way and stock up on kids’ medications, diaper rash cream and anti allergens. Try to find a flight that matches their sleep schedule as close as possible even if you have to shell out a bit more money. It is worth every penny to have a well rested child.

Also, do not forget to pack back up copies of birth certificates, passports and scanned copies of the same on your phone. It might a good idea to snap a picture of your children on the day of the flight in the clothes they are wearing, in case someone goes missing. Bring a blankie or a cuddly toy that your child is used to having with them, as this might bring them comfort during a stressful and unfamiliar time. A comfy pillow works wonders if you have a lap child on a flight. Make sure to get insurance for yourself and your family, as medical emergencies happen and you want to be covered for any unexpected expenses. A hospital stay in another country could cost you a fortune so do not forget to skip on that important step.

Take a deep breath and remember that kids are not meant to behave like adults and that whining, crying, spilling, fighting and complaining is inevitable. Remember that plane passengers are most likely more patient and understanding than you realize and that a child’s meltdown is not the end of the world. Expect anything and try to laugh as you go. Think of it as a wild adventure with your family and a never ending supply of memories As soon as you get yourself in that state of mind, anything that comes along your way will be a breeze. You can handle anything!

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