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With countries slowly opening up their borders for international travel, it is a great time to start planning your next summer destination. However, the recent weakening of the Canadian dollar made many of us revise our vacation plans and online shopping habits.

Luckily, there are always some low-cost getaway options available for summer. Or you can start planning your next year’s dream vacation now.


Rent or Swap

Short term rental websites such as AirBNB and VRBO help you find apartments to stay while on holidays or business trips. Apartment or house stays save money in various ways: they tend to be much cheaper than most decent hotels. In addition to that, you have a full kitchen so you can make some of your meals at ‘home’ which can yield significant savings over the course of a week even if it means only using it for breakfast meals.

You can also sign up for a few home exchange sites to explore swapping opportunities with someone interested in coming to your hometown. You should hurry up as the most interesting destinations get booked up pretty fast!


Last-Minute vs Long-Term Planning

As long as you are flexible on your departure date and/or destination, there are some great last minute deals to be had. Websites like SellOffVacations.com offer great deals on unsold flights and hotel accommodations in various sunny destinations.

If it is a resort holiday getaway you’re looking for, you can book months in advance for significant savings. It will require you to pay a small deposit upon booking and the full outstanding balance just before your flight leaves. Planning in advance is also helpful when renting a cottage, short-term apartment rentals and home swaps as the best places book up early.


Consider a Stay-cation

The term “staycation” successfully became a part of our vocabulary a few years ago. For some it now stands for “I cannot afford a real holiday” while others get creative and go
exploring new parts of Canada. Believe it or not, Canada offers destinations with postcard-worthy sceneries, lively cities and stunning beaches!

And chances are there are a number of worthy attractions in your own backyard that tourists flock to, yet you’ve never seen. You can stretch your adventures and save money at the same time by driving to your destinations and staying at budget hotel or campsites when exploring national parks.

As always, wherever you decide to go, don’t forget about your travel insurance policy to cover any potential medical emergency expenses while your are out of province. At Arbetov Insurance, we offer a wide selection of travel health insurance plans for Canadian residents travelling out-of-province and outside Canada.

Feel free to learn more and calculate a personal quote by using the following link – Travel Insurance for Canadians

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