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Last updated on July 20th, 2020

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Canadian schools are renowned for their quality of education. That’s why every year thousands of international students from all over the world come to Canada to study.

With all the rush and packing and getting your visa set up it’s easy to forget about one important aspect of travel- insurance. International students who come to Canada and their parents may not be aware that while being covered for health care is something they take for granted in their home countries- another country has totally different rules.

Most people who arrive with a study or a work visa are subject to a waiting period- up to 3 months, before they can apply to be covered under the provincial health care plan. During that waiting period they are almost completely unprotected. Most post-secondary schools require that you have a medical insurance plan before classes begin.

For information about the Provincial Health Care plans please refer to BC MSP or Ontario OHIP.

And Canadian health care isn’t cheap. A simple use of ambulance services may result in a thousand dollar bill. Hospital stay can cost you $1000 per day even for a most trivial reasons. Prescription drugs are not covered either.

To address this issue it is recommended that visitors and students apply for medical coverage with a private insurance company. Private coverage provides similar protection to the government health care plan. Students and visitors get covered for medical care, hospitalization and repatriation. Moreover they get reimbursed for prescription drugs, medical tests and x-rays, dental expenses and many more.

Manulife | International Student Insurance


Manulife, the biggest insurance company in Canada, should be the first place you look when searching for medical insurance plan. This year they have updated their student plan.

Summary of Insurance Benefits:

– Maximum sum insured increased to $2,000,000 from $1,000,000
– Offers routine medical care
– Annual medical checkups as well as eye exams and maternity benefits
– Accidental dental and relief of dental pain
– Up to $2,500 to repair damaged teeth

Trip Break coverage
This option allows students to return home for up to 21 days to visit their families and attend other events.

Tuition loss protection
Manulife will reimburse you up to $5,000 for the tuition fees if you are unable to attend school for medical reasons.

You can check out our offers and apply online easily on our Student Insurance page.

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Getting covered has never been easier. You can apply from your home country prior to the start of your studies. If you become eligible for provincial coverage the insurance company will reimbursed the tuition fees you have paid.

Planning on travelling? No problem! With Manulife Student plan you are covered on your trips to other countries- no need to purchase additional coverage. Manulife offers worldwide travel assistance around the world 24/7. You can call toll free from the US or Canada or call collect from anywhere in the world to receive prompt assistance.


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