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Last updated on February 4th, 2020

Manulife Travel Insurance

Manulife Financial has been around since the 1800’s. It has pioneered many of the innovative ideas available in all types of insurance. It is undoubtedly one of the best Insurance

Companies that you can count on for employee benefits, life insurance and travel insurance. They also have critical care protection, medical, dental and personal accident Insurance. All vary in price but still very affordable. Manulife is currently the largest insurance company in Canada.

There are travel insurance policies available for coverage up to $5,000,000 per person. You can build your own policy choosing the coverage you need such as additional medical, financial, baggage, trip cancellation or interruption, and financial protection in case of an emergency.

Manulife has put together a travel/medical package known as “CoverMe”. It has various packages available including one of the best travel packages in the world for visitors coming to

Canada. Anyone visiting Canada would not be eligible for the Canadian health insurance plans, so this insurance is a welcome relief.

ManuLife is offering their trademark “CoverMe” Insurance for visitors to Canada. This insurance is affordable and gives you a peace of mind in case of any unexpected medical emergencies. A few facts about this plan.

Key Benefits

On top of emergency health coverage in Canada it extends coverage for short trips out of Canada. It also provides for emergency child care expenses in case of an emergency. There is a trip interruption and travel accident coverage that can be added to your policy. Emergency dental is also offered in Visitors to Canada plans. You are able to add coverage for pre-existing conditions, if needed.

What is covered under this plan.

This is a comprehensive travel package, which you can personalize to meet your individual needs. You can view our charts to compare and select the coverage you need.

Single-Trip Plans & Super Visa

Manulife insurance has coverage available to all visitors to Canada. You can get a Super Visa insurance with or without coverage for pre-existing conditions. Emergency pregnancy is also covered under the Visitors to Canada plan up to 31 weeks.

Comparison Charts and Plans

Feel free to view our comparison charts and plans which will show you the savings you will have when purchasing one of the CoverMe bundles.  Our quote calculator can give you prices for different coverage with various deductible options.



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