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Last updated on July 14th, 2020

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So, you’ve finally prepared all the required documents and finished your application for Super Visa, but what are your next steps?

– First of all, consider processing time. It will take a few weeks or less for visa office to receive to your application and review it. In fact, It mostly depends on where you live and to which visa office you’ve sent the documents.

– Secondly, make sure to notify your visa office if, during the application review process, you have moved to another place, changed your phone number or other contact information.

How do you find out if Super Visa has been approved?



The Canadian Visa officers will contact your regarding your visa application status. There is a possibility that you will be required to attend an interview with Embassy Officials. This is a standard procedure and applicant should not be worried about the upcoming interview, in case it is requested.  

Visa officers may issue a visa to an applicant without the interview being held. Unfortunately, you cannot know for certain whether you will be invited for an interview or not, so keep that in mind.

In case your Super Visa application has been rejected, all the documents will be returned to an applicant as well as the explanation letter with the reason of rejection.

Medical Examination

Take into account that a Canadian Immigration Officer might ask you to undergo a Medical Examination. Again, this is a standard procedure but not all applicants are required to do so.

This medical exam might add several weeks to your application processing, so consider this information when applying. Just follow the given link to learn more about Super Visa | Medical Exam.

What happens when your Super Visa is approved, and you are about to travel to Canada?


Well, there is couple more things to keep in mind.

– Prior to your arrival, prepare all needed documents that you may be asked to show. At the Canadian border, officers will ask you to present your passport and other required documents.

– Be ready to show you Super Visa Medical Insurance policy. You receive an electronic version of the medical insurance policy once you have purchased it. In case, you cannot find it, you may contact your Insurance Provider you have applied for the policy with to get another copy of your health insurance for Super Visa.

If you are reading this article and haven’t applied for medical insurance policy, don’t worry.

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