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COVID 19 has had a deep effect on travel around the world, with many people having to delay their trips or trying to get home due to the newly introduced and constantly changing border restrictions. Canadians have also felt this impact when they try to buy Emergency Medical Insurance for Canada.

While this situation has left many people confused, there are steps you can take to find reliable health insurance. For updates on health restrictions check out our blog and the recent article on who is able to enter Canada during this time.

If you have plans to visit Canada or you are already in Canada you should make sure you have appropriate level of coverage in case something goes wrong. Some visitors or certain immigrants have it as a requirement to take out insurance. Due to COVID-19, being properly insured is more important than ever.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important questions about emergency medical insurance during COVID 19.


What has changed due to COVID 19 in regards to medical insurance?

While a lot of companies adapted their products to suit the clients’ needs in the midst of the pandemic, it will be harder to find the right plan. Currently most major providers cover claims related to the coronavirus. Take note that some insurers have begun to limit this coverage. If the situation worsens more exclusions can be added and more providers can follow suit.

As a visitor to Canada, new immigrant, returning Canadian resident or a temporary foreign worker you can read our article outlining COVID-19 coverage that each insurance provider we work with offers – COVID Coverage Advisory


If you want to visit Canada

– Make sure you are allowed to travel to Canada

Canada has placed restrictions on foreigners entering its territory to get the COVID 19 situation under control. Only make plans if it’s absolutely necessary to visit. For a list of exemptions and restrictions on who is allowed to enter, refer to our previous blog post.

– Ensure you have coverage for COVID-19

Canada is currently at a state of health emergency and you make sure you have a policy that covers claims arising from COVID 19.

It’s more important than ever to have coverage for pre-existing conditions if you have ANY underlying health issues. This is due to the fact that your claims might be rejected if you contract COVID and have past medical history with things such as asthma or diabetes. Speak to your insurance agent to find the right policy for you.

If you don’t see that your insurer includes coverage of COVID 19 in their policy document, try to get a written confirmation to avoid confusion and not being covered.

– Make sure it’s legitimate

Don’t fall victim to scammers! Check out the company’s website – how many reviews do they have? Do they have a profile on Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Read the policy wording carefully or have your insurance agent go through it with you. That’s why it’s important to work with an independent broker, who can do the legwork for you and guide you through the whole process.

Some travelers have a mandatory requirement to purchase an insurance policy that covers medical care, hospitalization and repatriation and have it with them at all times during their stay in Canada.

It includes several categories of travelers such as Super Visa and IEC holders, and certain types of visitors. It’s best to buy your policy in advance to avoid a waiting period when you arrive in Canada. Take note that if you do wait to purchase your plan, any claims arising during the waiting period will not be covered, whether or not COVID 19 related.

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