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TuGo is one of the biggest insurance companies in Canada, which has been providing millions of Canadian Residents and people visiting Canada with a comprehensive medical emergency coverage since 1964.

super visa insurance

TuGo: Super Visa Insurance

Relatives such as parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents are invited to visit Canada and stay with the family under a Super Visa program, which requires the applicant to obtain an adequate medical emergency coverage from a private Canadian insurance company.

With Super Visa insurance policy from TuGo, you are getting the most comprehensive health coverage on the entire Canadian insurance market. Moreover, TuGo Super Visa insurance plan provides up to $300,000 worth of medical benefits for each person insured.

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visitors to Canada insurance

TuGo: Visitors to Canada Insurance

One of TuGo’s specialties is medical emergency insurance for people visiting Canada as Tourists. You can choose to have up to $300,000 in health insurance benefits including medical coverage for sports related injuries and side trips to other countries such as the United States of America as well as many more.

Make sure to purchase TuGo medical insurance for Visitors to Canada before you leave for a trip, so you will get covered on your way to Canada.

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iec / working holiday insurance

TuGo: IEC / Working Holiday Insurance

If you are an International Experience Canada (IEC) participant, you must already know that IEC travel health insurance is among the main requirements to get your visa approved at the Canadian border.

With IEC/Working Holiday travel insurance coverage from TuGo, not only you will receive the most comprehensive medical benefits available, but also the coverage on your way to Canada, sports and occupational injuries protection as well as side-trips to other countries without breaking your IEC travel insurance coverage.

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travel insurance

TuGo: Travel Insurance for Canadians

Travel insurance is another primary service TuGo are proud to offer you. If you are a Canadian Citizen or a PR taking a trip outside your province of residence or abroad, Travel Insurance policy from TuGo will ensure your financial stability covering all eligible expenses for immediate medical assistance beyond your home province or territory up to $5,000,000.

Another wonderful feature of having Travel insurance policy with TuGo is an optional non-medical coverage for Trip Interruption / Trip Cancellation, Baggage Loss / Delay / Damage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, All inclusive Travel Insurance Plans and much more!

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new immigrants insurance

TuGo: New Immigrants Insurance

If you are planning to settle in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec or New Brunswick, you will not receive your provincial medical coverage right away. A waiting period of approximately 3 months will apply before you can enjoy the Canadian healthcare system in full.

Let the New Immigrants to Canada insurance policy from TuGo give you a peace of mind, knowing that your financial stability will not be threatened by the immediate medical care needs that may happened during the initial 90 days within the mentioned provinces.

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foreign workers insurance

TuGo: Foreign Workers Insurance

The Government of Canada offers a great deal of employment opportunities for Foreign Workers across the country. However, if you are about to settle in Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick or Quebec, your provincial health insurance will not be active for approximately 90 days.

Foreign Workers insurance from TuGo offers up to $300,000 worth of health emergency benefits including the coverage for occupational injuries that might happen during the time you have to wait before you can start using your government health plan.

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returning canadians insurance

TuGo: Returning Canadians Insurance

Are you a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident heading back home? Some of you may not know it, but if you stay outside of your province of residence or abroad for more than 6 months, you provincial healthcare plan is automatically becomes suspended unless you made some arrangements with a Health Ministry office within your home-province or territory.

Those of you, whose government medical insurance is not active, especially in Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Quebec due to a 3-month waiting period, can purchase private medical insurance policy for Returning Canadians from TuGo.

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