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Travelance is a trusted Canadian Insurance provider specializing in Travel and Visitors to Canada medical insurance products. They are underwritten by Reliable Life, which has been operating since 1887 and can be called one of the most reputable Canadian insurance companies.

super visa insurance

Travelance: Super Visa Insurance

Travelance offers a great deal of Super Visa insurance policies with an affordable medical emergency coverage the Super Visa applicants.

With a comprehensive health coverage and moderate prices, both Travelance plans, Essential Plan and Premier Plan, will be a smart choice when shopping for the Super Visa medical insurance plan to reunite with your family in Canada.

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visitors to Canada insurance

Travelance: Visitors to Canada Insurance

Enjoy your stay in Canada as a Tourist and protect yourself against unnecessary financial costs resulting from your emergency health care needs with Visitors to Canada insurance coverage from Travelance.

With Travelance, you get to choose from Premier and Essential insurance plans for Visitors to Canada, including Tourists as well as International Students in Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia or Quebec, who will be eligible for the government health insurance plan once a 3-month waiting period is over.

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iec / working holiday insurance

Travelance: IEC / Working Holiday Insurance

As a Canadian insurance company, Travelance provides International Experience Canada (IEC) participants with a great emergency IEC travel insurance coverage.

Both, Travelance: Essential and Premier Plans satisfy each and every IEC travel insurance requirement for repatriation, hospitalization and medical care.

Another awesome feature of Travelance insurance plans for IEC/Working Holiday visa holders is medical coverage for occupational and sports injuries as long as these are not competitive or dangerous types of sport activities such as bungee-jumping, scuba-diving, etc.

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travel insurance

Travelance: Travel Insurance for Canadians

Canadians planning on taking a trip outside your province of residence and/or abroad, may cover themselves with a Travel Insurance policy from Travelance.

With a variety of both medical and non-medical emergency travel insurance options, you will certainly find Travelance convenient for you specific needs in terms of personal protection from unexpected financial expenses that may happen during your trip.

Air-flight Accident, Trip Cancellations & Interruptions, All Inclusive and Cruise packages, Youth and Senior plans as well as Medical Emergency Travel insurance policies are available from Travelance for worldwide, within Canada, or USA and non-USA use.

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new immigrants insurance

Travelance: Insurance for New Immigrants

If you are a New Immigrant in Canada and you choose to live somewhere in British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick or Ontario your government healthcare coverage will not be available right away. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for approximately 90 days to receive you provincial health card.

The good news is you may apply for a private medical insurance for New Immigrants to Canada from Travelance that will cover the costs for health emergency treatment, while you are not eligible for the government healthcare plan.

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foreign workers insurance

Travelance: Insurance Foreign Workers

Travelance provides one of the best medical insurance plans for Foreign Workers in Canada, who are not eligible for the government health insurance plans from day one.

If you are coming to Canada as a Foreign Worker and settle in the province of Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec or New Brunswick, there will be a waiting period for approximately 3 months before you can use your provincial health care coverage.

While waiting for the government healthcare, you may opt for a private medical emergency insurance coverage from one of the Travelance plans exclusively designed for Foreign Workers in Canada such as Travelance: Premier or Travelance: Essential.

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returning canadians insurance

Travelance: Insurance for Returning Canadians

Are you a Canadian Resident coming back home from a trip and have your provincial coverage put on hold?

While awaiting your provincial medical coverage, you have a great opportunity to protect yourself with a travel medical emergency insurance plan for Returning Canadians from Travelance.

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